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Early voting underway

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Early voting is underway in Shelby County.

The first ballots were cast Friday downtown at the election commission.

The ballot is long, so be prepared before you go and expect to be there longer than usual.

Click HERE for information on the election.

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  • Bill Zebub

    It’s sad I have to beg the City leaders not to raise my taxes. Me, begging/voting on someone who earns nothing but takes 30% of what I earn to not take any more. Kinda like asking the Master not to beat me anymore. I’ll be voting with that in mind today. Joe Brown, I hate you, but Amy Weirich didn’t do the right thing when all she had to do was the right thing. I’m referring to the Pontotoc cop who unloaded his gun on the streets. That cost you the election Amy.

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