Several guns stolen from MPD T.A.C.T. van

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Police say one of their MPD T.A.C.T. vans was broken into early Saturday afternoon in the 4000 S. Plaza.

Investigators tells us that an assorted amount of weapons were taken from the van including a rifle, shotgun, weapons, magazines, a holster and a gun belt.

MPD says the weapons were secured properly in the van.

No suspects have been arrested.

This is still an ongoing investigation.


  • Hard Truths

    I bet it was an inside job.

    Can’t wait to hear MPD’s “explanation” of this.

    We need to open our eyes to the very real ties between gangs and MPD.

      • Hard Truths

        Sure are.

        Gang-to-gang comity, or as it’s known on the street, “mutual respect”.

        OF COURSE the Memphis police and Memphis gangs are thick as thieves. They’re buddies. Totally.

      • Gerry

        You can bet that they are the largest gang in Memphis and Shelby County and they investigate their own crimes.

  • Pam

    I noticed they showed it parked outside the Nike Clearance Warehouse… Wonder if they were in there buying some sweet new Air Jordans or whatever.

  • Rob H

    What were they doing there? Were they driving a police vehicle to go shopping? I have a cost cutting idea for the police……. stop using city vehicles for personal errands!!! I wonder if that would save money on fuel or cars?

  • gent

    Tact officers are on call 24 hours a day so they are required to drive their vehicles! The officer was probably working secondary employment for Nike or maybe he was shopping as long as he properly secured the weapons it’s NOT his fault.

  • Yourtheproblem

    Gary, it’s like talking to the wall with some of these people who post. If you hate the police in this city you will find any and every way to bash them. This city is a joke and I hope it becomes the new Detroit sooner than later. Hard Truth you are what I like to call a “couch general”. You criticize others actions of a job you would never do while you sit comfortably on your couch after a long hard day of doing nothing that could compare to being a police officer in one if the most dangerous cities in the country. Your posts are moronic and worthless to anyone who actually knows what it’s like to work in a police environment.

    • Hard Truths

      MPD — with its ATTITUDE toward the public and its third class, Third World “professionalism” IS the problem.

      Your uniform stinks. So everyone who wears that uniform stinks.

      Seems everyone EXCEPT the cops have figured this out. It takes more than a uniform and steroid-fuelled bully to make a peace officer. Take that message home to your fellow gang members.

  • Don

    MPD says the weapons were secured properly in the van. Bla, Bla. BLA. All BS.
    The police vehicles like these need break-in alarms mandatory.

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