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Lorenzen Wright candlelight vigil

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It has been four long years since former Grizzly and basketball legend Lorenzen Wright was found shot to death in a southeast Memphis field.

Saturday night, his friends and family flocked to the FedExForum to hold a candlelight vigil in his honor.

"It's like an emptiness that never gets filled," Wright's mother, Deborah Marion said of losing her son.

Wright was last seen alive leaving his ex-wife's home in July 2010.

No one was ever arrested, but the furthest thing from Marion's mind is giving up.

"I've got to keep going," she said. "I can't stop. If I stop, nothing will ever happen."

CrimeStoppers tells WREG tips about Wright's murder have been slow, but Marion is convinced someone holds the key to bringing justice.

"They know," she insisted. "When they stop being scared they'll come around."

Until that day comes, and even after, Marion said she will continue to fight to keep Wright's memory alive.

"I'm going to keep doing it every day until the day I die, even after they find out, because I want them to know how to that he lived. Not how he died. That he lived."

A $21,000 reward was announced in 2011, $1,000 came from Crimestoppers, $5,000 from the city, $5,000 from the Grizzlies and $10,000 from the state.

CrimeStoppers only has their money and the city's portion in hand, but the Grizzlies tell WREG they will honor their promise and state's reward stands for 5 years from the day that it is offered.

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    • BellRinger

      Does she really want evryone to know how her son truly lived? i think not, either she’s clueless, or she’s delusional. Either way, “Live by the sword” is the very best way to put it.


    No doubt about it, he was involved in something that got him in WAY over his head. The fact that he did attain celebrity status in Memphis did not deter the killers. There is a much bigger story here. Whoever was responsible for the slaying was sending a message to anyone that has business dealings with them. Apparently, given the lack of people coming forward, the message was received and understood. Sad situation all the way around, but like was mentioned earlier, “live by the sword”…………….

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