Voters say August election ballot is lengthy

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(Memphis) Early voting started today in Shelby County.

If you're heading to the polls, get ready to read.

This year's ballot is one of the longest in Shelby County history, from county races to state and federal primaries plus a long list of judicial races.

The election commission's downtown office is the first polling site to open, for that reason it was the spot for getting votes in an election with a lot of candidates on the ballot.

Outside the Shelby County Election Commission office, campaign workers and candidates lined the sidewalks trying to get voters' attention.

"I had to come down and pay my taxes so I just killed two birds in one shot," said Ruby Liggons, voter.

Liggons said her ballot was 15 pages long.

Some judicial candidates located at the very end of the ballot are concerned about voter fatigue.

They worry about voters being too tired to continue casting votes.

"If I didn't have a little paraphernalia to help guide me, it would be confusing. It's the longest ballot I've ever seen and I'm 74 years old," said Margaret Whitmore, voter.

"I feel like it's too long for most people including myself. It took me longer to write down who I was voting for than to actually vote," said Jackson Sprayberry, voter.

The election commission advises downloading a sample ballot before you get to your polling site and choosing your candidates before you go to vote.

It helps speed up the voting process and takes some of the guessing out of the election.

"I vote for the people I know and then vote for all the women, that's terrible and I don't like hyphenated names so you see I had a hard time," said Liggons.