Neighborhood says basketball court leads to violence in Westwood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A stray bullet hit an innocent 11-year old boy in the head at the Westwood Community Center park on Thursday night.

The shooter,  Joseph Johnson, was arrested for aggravated assault, and unlawful possession of a gun

Carmen Fletcher’s grandmother’s house backs up to the park, “Out of nowhere I heard gun shots. Me and my cousin ran inside and told my grandma.”

Friday the scene was calm, but Thursday night gunshots and screams filled the air.

Jeanette Davis said gunfire is nothing new in this neighborhood, “You see these kids. Why you shooting in the direction of all these babies? I mean, where is your heart at?”

Davis is worried about the kids growing up and seeing the violence.

She said the park is for the kids, and the older crowd causing these problems should hang out somewhere else.

Neighbors tell WREG the basketball court is where it all starts.

People get in fights on the court and it gets violent.

They want to see it shut down.

Davis said, “Nowadays kids get to fighting. I guess they want to show they manhood. But I call that a coward. They go home and get something, come back and kill a person.”

This isn’t the first shooting at the park, but Davis says this is the quickest police showed up.

She said they do a pretty good job of patrolling the neighborhood, but she still keeps a close eye outside because these shootings happen all too often, “That’s my granddaughter. She’s not allowed to go there anymore.”

Davis says she worried once Johnson gets out of jail he’ll come back looking for the man he meant to shoot.


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