Children found alone in burning apartment

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Update 7/19/2014- The father of the three children left alone in an apartment which caught fire, has been arrested.

Jesse Townsend has been charged with child abuse and neglect after leaving his three children at home Friday evening.

Investigators determined the children were playing with a cigarette lighter in a bedroom.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Three children were found left alone in a burning apartment in Memphis a Friday evening.

Fire crews were called to the 2300 block of Pendleton because of an apartment fire.

Three children, ages 6 and under, were alone in the apartment when the fire started.

Contractors doing work in the area saw the smoke, knocked on the door, and got them out.

The parents were called to the scene.

Firefighters say the apartment suffered heavy damage.

Police are now investigating why the kids were alone.

In 2009, two young children were killed in an apartment fire when their mother, Melodia Dunn, left them alone when she wen to the store.



      • bambam84

        I feel sorry for the kids involved, but seriously. Why are we running this particular story while Ms. Dunn’s parole violation stories are being circulated (and including hyperlinks?)
        Nobody else feeling like the news around here is becoming just a LITTLE prefabricated? More than usual, I mean.

  • Evette

    These stupid bytches are getting on my nerves!
    Three children under 6.. …
    animals take better care of their babies… seriously… the animal channel. I will say it again…I have said it before. What other insane behavior has she done, that we just dont know about?

  • Gonebabygone

    Leaving kids under six alone seems to be a cultural norm among a segment of our population. Why is that? Maybe a news story about it might shed light on what may be a rather endemic problem in this city.

    Many seem to think if they can reach and teach a kid and get him at grade level by the third grade, he will be more successful in school. I’m thinking some may need to be reached and taught from birth. How can a teacher reverse six years of abuse and neglect in thirty hours or less per week?! The parents don’t care about well being, why would they care about educating the kid?

  • DetlaEB

    The parents were called to the scene??? Where were they? Who called them? Now, that don’t make a lick of sense.
    Poor helpless children- Don’t have a chance..

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