Shelby commissioners propose clarifying residency rules in wake of Ford and Brooks investigations

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- After weeks of investigation into where Henri Brooks and Justin Ford live, the Shelby County Commission is now taking a closer look at its residency rules.

Commissioner Steve Mulroy said, "We should define it as what I'll call a pillow law. Where do you lay your head at night? Are you actually in your district?"

Mulroy suggested a sort of bed check for his fellow board members.

He wants to require commissioners to spend a certain number of nights in their district, but nobody could agree on a number.

Some thought the idea was a little too much like big brother.

Commissioner Steve Basar said, "We are trying to take a sledge hammer where a fly swatter might be more appropriate."

Not everyone was on board with these changes.

Commissioners Chism and Bailey think the way it's going now is just fine,  even if there are questions about where Henri Brooks and Justin Ford really live.

Bailey added, "It invites privacy invasion, is what it does. I don't want any part of it. I think there are ample laws on the books."

But the majority of the committee agreed some sort of clarification is needed.

Chairman James Harvey said, "It would be to the benefit of all of us to at least have a discussion on this matter, because it's not going away."

Just as chairman Harvey finished that statement, Commissioner Justin Ford took his seat at the meeting, about an hour late.

One thing everyone seemed to agree on is commissioners should not be investigating each other.

Harvey added, "When an elected official tells you that's where he lives, that's where he lives. And the burden of proof should be on that elected official if challenged."

Now that the TBI is investigating Herni Brooks, the commissions own investigation is on hold.

Commissioner Ritz doubts this will be solved before Brooks' term ends next month.


  • johnny dee

    why don’t you people wake up!! these so called public officials are as bogus as their addresses are.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Oh hell no! Brooks, ford and everyone is….u live in district specified or u don’t!! No its, ands or buts!

  • j

    kind of 2 late now to define residency laws? Only common sense dictates that if you run for a government job and you want to represent the constituency of the district, then you live in that district. but on the other hand, we speak of memphis, tn. DAH! enough said with this one. This would be an excellent argument for elementary children and find out if they can understand right vs wrong.

    • IwishUwould

      You sound so dumb,,,, I’m willing to bet you have just as many whites lying about where they live… The only problem is you backwards thinking people want blacks out of office. Hell white or black to me they all a bunch of crooks, who been stealing and padding they on pockets for years.

  • Bart

    “Commissioner Ritz doubts this will be solved before Brooks’ term ends next month.” Duh!!! She’s a democrat in Memphis! Of course it won’t be solved before her term ends!

  • lawman

    Mr. Harvey just doesn’t seem to get. Insert foot in mouth. Your comment only fuels the public to get to the poles quickly. I hope we the voters show up to the poles and CLEAN HOUSE! This current group of politician are pathetic.

    • donaknowsitall

      Who are you trying to kid Lawman,the majority of the population in Memphis is black. Black vote black, and that’s a fact. To prove my point, just take a look at the Memphis politicians in office.

    • donaknowsitall

      Agree 100%. Once an elected official is in office, their lives are no longer private. They are working for the public. Where they live, how they conduct themselves, who they keep company with, etc is the public’s business when someone is an elected official. What’s so hard to get about that?

  • memphissuxhard

    These people cant even show up to their effing job on time. I want my tax money back. You are public servants. Get over your entitlement mentality. And just so you know, I am voting against every single one of you this August. Not a single one of you should get to keep your jobs.

  • Terrie

    Everything is NO all fine. It’s called ‘wrong” “Breaking the rules” and if they are so sure that all is well, may I suggest that they TOO be investigated as to where they live! Obviously they are running scared. When ford walked in late did Harvey continue to talk about what he was previously talking about or did he too close his mouth? Why are these people scared of ford? He’s wrong too. Do they not know the difference? I truly wonder sometimes. As to them living where they are supposed to for a period of time is just stupid! The TBI is on it now. There is NO ESCAPING THIS!! Hahaha!

  • lawman

    I don’t care what color they are. I just want a politician who cannot be bought.I don’t want a politician who is in office because he dates my sister or his mom was a good woman or he or she owes favors. I just want. A politician that listens and responds to the peoples needs. Not his personal agenda. It is so sad that Memphis can’ get beyond racial hate.

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