Police and fire supporters apologize to Muddy’s Bake Shop

(Memphis, Tenn ) It takes a big person to admit they were wrong, but that’s what Laura Rae Sanders is saying tonight.

“I saw her interview and what she said and got conflicted in my heart,” said Sanders.

WREG showed how Muddy’s Bake Shop was dragged through the mud online.

Sanders and wives of Memphis firefighters and police officers gave poor reviews and were “disgusted” by the bakery.

It was all because of a photo the owner took with mayor A C Wharton.

The wives were angry owner Kat Gordon said she was “chillin’” with the mayor, soon after the city CAO reportedly told officers to chill out about healthcare cuts.

Gordon and Wharton were celebrating Muddy’s being featured in a New York Times article about tasty pies in Me phis.

Wednesday, Sanders came to meet the lady she attacked online.

“We locked eyes. I introduced myself, extended my hand and said, ‘I’m Laura Sanders and I want to offer apologies.’ There was tears and hugs and people clapping, it was the best feeling ever”, said Sanders.

MPD officers didn’t want to be on camera but were there too.

They were angered by the words of some online, and apologizing for them.

“I think I can speak for all small businesses here that have been affected, we’re all happy to have an apology and move forward,” said Gordon.

Others online haven’t taken back their words and would not talk to us.

Brice Timmons of High Cotton Beer said what happened to Muddy’s caused businesses to unite.

They support police, but also each other.

“Small businesses don’t want to be bullied by anyone. It’s necessary to stand up for yourself,” said Timmons.

Sanders hopes her move inspires others also, “I think if those people on the council would do what I did today, I think that’s a better start for Memphis.”


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