Memphis Goodwill to open free adult-only charter school

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Memphis, Tenn. -- Who says you can't go back to high school?

Memphis Goodwill will soon make it possible for adults who dropped out to get their diplomas.

When you think about Goodwill, you might think about donations and giving things you do not want anymore to someone why may.

Now however, they are branching out and focusing on education.

Goodwill just approved the Memphis chapter to open an adult-only charter school called the Excel Center.

Memphis Goodwill CEO Tony Martini explained, "It will be a combination of adults of all ages. They could be 45, 55. There is no upper limit."

Goodwill started the program in Indiana.

The goal is to let people who dropped out of school go back and get an accredited diploma without spending a dime.

"There's nothing wrong with a GED, but a diploma will allow you to get into post secondary education," Martini said.

The Excel Center will be backed by Goodwill and state charter funding.

Goodwill Memphis is looking for a temporary space for the school, but will eventually move into the Crosstown complex.

It will open next fall, and they hope to have 350 students.

There will be three and a half to four-hour class sessions, and they will even offer free daycare.

Martini said he is hopeful the program will be successful and help break the cycle of poverty, "We're just tremendously excited about the impact it's going to have on the city."

The application process will start in January.

If they get more than 350 applicants, it will be decided by a lottery system.