Holly Springs Prepares For Economic Boom From I-69

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(Holly Springs, MS) The interstate Interstate 269 project isn’t set for completion until sometime in 2017, but that’s not stopping communities in its path from planning ahead.

In fact, Marshall County says it’s ready for increased traffic.

Work keeps moving along on the new I-269 project that will bring the first real interstate highway through Marshall County and areas miles from Memphis.

It’s got people like Shay Brown waiting anxiously, ”You know what? I’m looking forward to it a great deal because it’s gonna make my commute a lot easier, I travel so much.”

Communities like Byhalia, and Holly Springs aren’t just waiting for the changes, they’ve planning ahead.

Years ago, Holly Springs adopted a comprehensive plan that laid out future growth ten years into the future.

”Where residential areas would be, what kinds of modification to our zoning we’ll need, infrastructure needs, roads, sidewalks water and sewer,” explained Holly Springs Mayor Kelvin Buck.

That’s important because Holly Springs stands to become a real crossroads.

This could be the most important spot in Marshall County, because it’s where I-69 will connect I-40 and I-55 out of the Memphis area to the future I-22, currently Highway 78 which leads straight to Birmingham, Alabama.

Mayor Buck says the effect will spread throughout Marshall County, ”This connection between I-69 and I-22 will be very important to the economic development of this region and we say region, not just Holly Springs but all the towns in this part of the County.”

With that, he says, comes opportunity not just for the towns, but the people who live there like Shay Brown,.

”Schools, parents moving in here opening up new businesses, an entrepreneurial spirit really thriving around here,” said Brown.

She believes all the new factories opening up and others looking could represent just the start of an economic boom.