A fresh start for a family thanks to a good friend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- We start this Pass It On at the Regional Medical Center.

As playmakers go, Kizzy Bbradley is kind of nervous, but she's willing to overlook that to help her co-worker of almost 13 years, Kelita Gibbs.

Kelita's Whitehaven home may not look so bad at first glance, but with a closer look you can see why smoke and flames from an electrical fire has made it unlivable.

Her husband was at work and she was on her way home from picking up their two young kids when she got the call her house was on fire.

"It did a lot of damage to their house. She lost a lot of things, clothes, furniture, bed, everything. Right now they're staying in a hotel," said Kizzy.

Kelita and her husband just heard they'll be lucky to have their house rebuilt by Christmas.

Kelita, who works in the Biomed department with Kizzy, is always upbeat despite her troubles.

"You never see her in a bad mood. She's always happy, always there when you need someone to talk to," said Kizzy.

It's time for Kizzy to pass on $600, "Kelita, you know you're like family to me. I know what you and your husband have been through for these past couple of weeks."

Husband Aaron who also works at the hospital was brought down for the surprise as well, "Thank you!"

Then there was a surprise for all of us when Kelita's co-workers announced they had raised several hundred dollars for her in addition to our money.

It's always nice to see how quickly our pass it on gift can grow.

No this family has almost a thousand dollars to help get a fresh start.

"It felt good that I'm able to give and help someone out that needs the help."