Man charged with beating his sister after inappropriate touching accusations

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A North Memphis man is facing charges for beating his sister after she accused him of inappropriately touching a young family member.

Donald walker is charged with domestic assault.

It happened Monday night in the 3700 block of Whittier.

Blanchie Hales has lived in that neighborhood for almost 35 years and said it has always been violent. “When I first moved here in 1980, I had a cocktail bomb thrown at my house.”

She was not surprised to hear Donald Walker, who lives just a few doors down, was arrested for beating his sister, Donandra.

“That wasn’t the first time the brother and sister went at it,” Hales said.

Police said Donandra confronted Donald about touching a young family member inappropriately which is when the situation turned violent.

Police said Donald pulled out a gun and hit Donandra over and over.

They said the attack continued onto the street when Donald dragged her out here.

They said Donandra fought him off and ran for help at a corner store, but not before he fired a shot into the air.

Police arrested Walker after he tried barricading himself inside his home.

Hales said she is glad he is off the street, but she is desperate for change. “I wish a lot more around here would go to jail and they’d catch them,” she said of others who she claim cause trouble in the neighborhood. “They just get to shooting when they get riled up. They don’t care!”

Walker’s bond is set at $2,500.

The Department of Children’s Services was also called to investigate allegations of him inappropriately touching a family member.


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