Man accused of selling car for drugs then lying about carjacking


MEMPHIS, Tenn. –  A man who said he was carjacked is facing charges after police say he made up the whole thing.

They say Zachary Walton was trying to hide the fact he sold his car for drugs.

The 2005 Honda was found Monday at the end of Bridgewater Street in Cordova, with a smashed in windshield and banged up hood.

Investigators say Walton and his girlfriend, Melissa Jones, told them they were at Gabe’s Market in the 6000 block of Macon Road when they were robbed at gunpoint, by three men in red shirts, and forced out of their car.

The store’s owner, though, said police looked through several hours of surveillance video from outside his store and never saw the three guys in the red shirts or any evidence of a carjacking.

“Yep. There’s nothing. There is nothing that happened here,” said Gabe Teklemariam.

Police said Walton admitted he had pawned his Honda for drugs and when he threatened to report it stolen, the drug dealer damaged it and left it on Bridgewater.

Walton told officers he didn’t want to tell his mom what happened to the car and came up with the carjacking story.

Teklemariam said apparently he didn’t think about all the cameras at his store that helped expose his lie.

Walton told police he also wanted to make sure his insurance company covered the damage to his car.

He and Jones are both facing charges of making up a false report.


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