Germantown homeowners mad over repeated MLGW power problems

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Germantown, Tenn. -- Broken poles and broken promises have some in Germantown upset with MLGW after this latest storm.

Homeowners said MLGW will not finish a job they started and they are tired of going without power so frequently.

At the height of Monday night's storm, more than 33,000 people were left in the dark.

As of early Tuesday evening, the number was down to about 7,000.

On Johnson in Germantown, you may not see any problems with the power line poles if you are looking at them from eye level.

But homeowners said when you look up, it is a whole different story.

Rade Blagojevic has lived on Johnson for 25 years, and he said he has always had power problems.

"Very frequent occurrence..." Johnson said. "So we always wonder why it's always happening over here."

Power was restored to the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

MLGW Corporate Communications Director Gale Jones Carson explained it is a never-ending battle in communities with a lot of trees. "Those limbs and those trees will fall into our lines, and the services will be interrupted."

Blagojevic said he understand, but he is mad about broken poles along the street.

New poles have been put up beside the old ones to support the lines, but Blagojevic thinks the job is unfinished.

"They need to remove the other one," he said, looking at a pole broken in half. "They didn't finish the job!"

Jones Carson said, "If the poles are split, if they're riding at the base, if they're woodpecker holes, then we will replace those."

She said they simply repair poles that are leaning.

Blagojevic wants all the lines underground.

Jones Carson said it would be more expensive for customers, but Blagojevic said it is money he, for one, would gladly spend.

MLGW said if it is an emergency, they will come out to fix a problem immediately.

If you have a downed power line in your area or for any other MLGW emergencies, call 901-528-4465.


  • Dr. JohnS

    More bull from the city of Memphis and yet they say we taxpayers own MLGW. We have sure paid the price for it and also for the city wide Internet Service that never got off the ground and we paid millions for it. That alone would have helped solve part of the pension problem.

    • S. A. Smith

      Dr. John the tax payers don’t own MLGW. The city of Memphis does. Not city of Germantown, the city of Memphis. Rates from services MLGW provides pays their bills. Not taxes. MLGWs is in good shape unlike the city/ county. Believe me we don’t want to lose MLGW or we’ll be regretting it miserably within 2-3 yrs. Please do a little research and find the real facts before bashing the best thing Shelby County has going for it right now.

  • Skeptic

    I don’t understand why when there is a broken pole, that the broken part is left because Comcast can’t be there to move their cable line. MLGW moves all the power lines. Phone company moves all the phone lines. Comcast leaves their cable lines for months. MLGW should move the lines and charge Comcast. A tree came down on McLean between Peabody and Central over 4 years ago and there are phone and Comcast cables having low enough to grab onto. When MLGW leaves it should look like nothing happened.

  • Keep It 100

    Now it is happening in GTown it is a story but it has been going on in the inner city of Memphis for decades. Why cant the world be more fair to people with money stop hatin world stop hatin.

    • JHC

      I was kinda thinking the same thing….I bet their are more people without power in Memphis than Germantown…even on a percentage.

  • Radical Solution

    As a customer base, we complain when they cut trees to prevent outages, but leave them aesthetically unpleasing. (UofM area in the late 90’s, Bartlett recently as examples) But we also complain when they do not trim the trees for us, we also fail to trim the trees on our property, and a storm knocks out services.

    The solution to both is quite clear, and very simple; however, you don’t want to hear it. It uses the dreaded “R” word: responsibility. Take personal responsibility for the trees on your property (which we know from the recent sidewalk drama goes all the way to the street, including the sidewalk) and have them properly trimmed in a way that you find aesthetically pleasing, and protects you and your neighbors from an outage.

    We love our trees, That’s great. Love them in a responsible manner. Maybe our elected officials are childish little wannabe tyrants. It doesn’t mean we have to come down to their level. Adults take care of problems, usually before they become big problems. Start applying personal responsibility to other realms of your life, and you might be happier, wealthier, wiser, and stop electing these fools into offices.

    Just a suggestion.

    • John G

      I agree with you a 100% trees are something you have to take care problem no one in Memphis does it I think they
      should have to pay the repair costs if their untrimmed, not taking care of tree damages power lines.I bet they will take care of it then.

    • flipflopityfloop

      Some people are just too stupid to realize that that tree the have growing under the power lines are going to grow into the power lines. Just cut them down now.

  • I-am-a-Man

    Here’s an alternative: competitors in the power supply market. What incentives does a company with a monopoly on the production of power have to please their consumers? None! This explains why your bills are so expensive for their services and why their technology is so antiquated. As long as we refuse to have a market of choice this will continue.

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