DeSoto County Kicks in For Disaster Preparedness

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(Horn Lake, MS) The latest thing in disaster education saves lives, according to Horn Lake Fire Chief David Linville.

The department’s disaster simulation trailer teaches about storms, fires… you name it.

It’s also become popular among civic groups.

”There’s probably been several, several thousand. We do about 20-25 events per year and anywhere from 30 people at that event to 300 at that event.”

That’s why DeSoto County Supervisors voted to help with money to keep the trailer going and perhaps saving lives.

”It kind of gives instructions what to do if there is a storm or what to do if there is a flood,” said DeSoto Board of Supervisors President Lee Caldwell.

Money from the County will help pay for printed materials for the life-saving lessons taught here.

This trailer travels to schools, churches, libraries and clubs across the County not only teaching, but demonstrating the value of disaster planning.

Supervisor Lee Caldwell, says lessons from the trailer have already saved lives.

”The child had gone through the instruction and went home and told the family and so there was a fire and they had a meeting place and so the family was so grateful that had been brought to their attention so they could do that.”

Chief Linville says people of all ages learn important lessons here, but it’s the children who often learn the most.

”The main thing is to teach the children to exit the home as soon as the fire alarms go out, don’t worry about going to the door, exit the closest exit."

He says what people learn here, can help him and other firefighters get to the people who couldn’t help themselves in a disaster.