Storms bring large trees down

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Office of Preparedness has activated the Emergency Operations Center to track damage from Monday’s storms, and they’re finding a lot of it in South Memphis.

People who live off Norfolk and Wichita said the winds were ruthless, and the lightning came every few seconds Monday evening.

Several trees as high as fifty feet split in two and slammed into power lines leaving debris all over the roads.

One tree on Gaither and another on Norfolk, both a block away from each other, were likely hit by lightning.

“I have seen something I have never seen before: strong winds and heavy rain,” said Everett Stegall.

He is 6’5″ and looked small compared to the tree that snapped in his friend’s yard. It crushed a car and collapsed onto an 83-year-old woman’s home.

WREG is told she was in the back when it came crashing through. Physically, she’s okay.

“The firemen came out. They disconnected her power to make sure there is no gas leaks,” said Stegall. “She is at her neighbor’s where there is power and waiting on her family to come get her.”

What we saw in South Memphis happened all over the city.

Viewers sent us pictures of a tree crushing a home on Burning Tree Cove.

The severe weather also took a toll on businesses.

The power went out at Coletta’s forcing the staff to fill orders by candlelight.

“It has been out for about an hour now, and thank heaven our ovens are all gas, so we are still able to cook pizza,” said owner Jerry Coletta.

Thankfully, no one in the South Memphis neighborhood was hurt.


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