Horn Lake employee arrested on sexual battery charge

(Southaven, MS) Southaven police have charged Colton Freeman, 29, with sexual battery.

Freeman works for Horn Lake, but lives just across the city limits in Southaven, where it’s believed the crime took place.

”We had a complaint that came in Friday. One of the investigators was assigned to it and during the course of the investigation an affidavit was signed,” said Lt. Mark Little of the Southaven Police Department.

All we know about Freeman is he’s an employee with the City of Horn Lake, assigned to animal control.

Horn Lake city leaders wouldn’t comment on the arrest on the advice of the City Attorney.

”We charged him at this time with sexual battery but I can’t go into any details about that,” said Little.

Nor could Little go into any details about whether Freeman had a previous record here or anywhere else.

For now, he’s in the DeSoto County Jail in lieu of $125,000 bond.

It’s important to remember, Police arrested Freeman based on an affidavit, basically an accusation, and this case has quite a way to go before we find out any more.


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