Can you live without Facebook for 99 days?

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RICHMOND, Va. —Are you addicted to  Facebook?

Can you live without status updates, likes and drama of more than three months?

A Dutch ad agency is challenging you to go 99 days without Facebook.

The agency says you will gain back a least 28 hours to do other things and you will be happier.

The challenge was issued after it was revealed Facebook experimented with people’s moods by altering what appeared in their timelines.

The agency says it will check up with you after 33,66 and 99 days to see how you are doing.

You can read more about the challenge and take parthere.


  • yadddahaha

    Actually, looking at other people’s status, watching them air their dirty laundry, does make my life look pretty good.

  • Bold Truth

    Been done with Facebook for about 6 months now. Life is much better. I could care less about other people’s lives and drama.

  • Law of Allah

    They need to stop all social media and restrict usage to these sites. People who are on social media 24/7 do not have a life I mean do they take time to take care of personal hygiene or their kids or pay bills or go to work and pay taxes. Or are most of the just government vultures eating away at the tax base. Shariah Law is the way. El Rahman El Rahim Allahu Akbar

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