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What could cure the Blue Flu?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Informed Sources talk about a cure for the blue flu.

We learned there are some high-level discussions going on that might result in a compromise.

What would a compromise look like? Is the city council's appeal for the public to offer solutions at committee hearings genuine? Is a tax increase inevitable?


  • Wake Up Memphis

    What we need to do is STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE. In the same breath that they cut the retirees’ benefits, they approved millions for pet projects. STOP SPENDING MONEY !!!

  • gypsy lee

    get rid of wharton and little for a start. then give the mpd and mfd their beneficts back. wharton should be impeached for the problems he has cause.

  • Don

    What could cure the Blue Flu?
    Simple, Get rid of A.C Wharton and Tony Armstrong.
    Its kind of like putting out the trash.

  • FireWife

    Um, NO COMPROMISES. The City employees and retirees are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the City’s MISMANAGEMENT of taxpayer $!! Instead of cutting the throats of elderly retirees who SERVED HONORABLY, reduce PILOTs, rescind agreement to buy AutoZone Park, reduce amount approved to help revamp Raleigh Springs Mall, etc, etc…. Our leaders need to PAY THEIR BILLS BEFORE BUYING BALLPARKS!!! This is NOT a taxpayer problem either! And don’t pass it off to consumers as a sales tax increase! It is solely the City leadership who have made POOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS to get us here. If ANYONE should SUFFER, LET IT BE THEM!!!

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