MFD sick calls costing public in overtime pay

Police and Fire half badges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis police and fire leaders issued a joint statement Sunday afternoon regarding the the volume of employees calling in sick.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong stated, “Our numbers continue to dwindle. We currently show 321 officers off sick. Being this is the case, I have lifted the days off and benefit leave restrictions as we are moving into a normal mode of operation.”

Armstrong thanked Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham and his deputies who have been filling in for officers protesting changes in benefits for city employees.

Armstrong also thanked officers who have shown up to do their jobs.

Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson said sick calls today are down to 60 from 80.

“This is the lowest number since numbers first spiked on 7/9. Our strategy remains “browning-out” a maximum of 4 ladder trucks and using overtime to cover all other absences,” said Benson.

Tax payers are picking up the Bill for firefighters who aren’t showing up for work, “Staffing remains adequate primarily due to the use of overtime. Overtime payment thresholds are being exceeded but will continue in the short term.”


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