Nashville Police: 3 killed, 4 wounded in Waffle House shooting

MFD sick calls costing public in overtime pay

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis police and fire leaders issued a joint statement Sunday afternoon regarding the the volume of employees calling in sick.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong stated, “Our numbers continue to dwindle. We currently show 321 officers off sick. Being this is the case, I have lifted the days off and benefit leave restrictions as we are moving into a normal mode of operation.”

Armstrong thanked Shelby County Sheriff Bill Oldham and his deputies who have been filling in for officers protesting changes in benefits for city employees.

Armstrong also thanked officers who have shown up to do their jobs.

Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson said sick calls today are down to 60 from 80.

“This is the lowest number since numbers first spiked on 7/9. Our strategy remains “browning-out” a maximum of 4 ladder trucks and using overtime to cover all other absences,” said Benson.

Tax payers are picking up the Bill for firefighters who aren’t showing up for work, “Staffing remains adequate primarily due to the use of overtime. Overtime payment thresholds are being exceeded but will continue in the short term.”


  • Big Rick Mannon

    News Channel 3, you sicken me for your lack of understanding & support for what is right. You are grouped with Mayor A C Wharton, Memphis City Council and the Greater Memphis Chamber, there may be enough of you to come up with your own fire, police, sanitation, utility company. You all act like we employees, both present & retirees, are asking for the pot to be sweetened. Our wages were cut back illegally after we hadn’t had cost of living raises in 6+ years, we all are only asking that the City make good on their promises. News Channel 3 is all about their money and could care less about human beings and what is morally right. This City is showing the world that their word is as worthless as body waste.

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Wharton, Armstrong and Memphis city council make me want to throw up the way they’re treating MPD, MFD and city employees. SCUMBAGS!

  • JOE

    Tax payers should be picking up the bill for the pension and insurance that is due to the retirees. Memphis government has squandered this money away. IT SHOULD BE THERE. I bet the city council alone in salaries and perks cost over half a million a year. And they operate like a three ring circus, its embarrassing. I think they should audit the city when they are missing what 400 to 600 million. Why don’t ALL city employees take a cut, not just the select group fighting now. They fire and police didn’t spend the money but, they are expected to make it up. Start at the TOP. Start with twenty percent at the top and drop the percent as the wages go down to the lower pay scales.

  • Errin

    Channel 3, ya’ll making it appear that it’s the police and fireman fault because the taxpayers are footing the bill for the boycott. Anyone with a heart would understand they had no choice to do what they did. You can’t mess with people’s money particularly retirees money, and expect them to go along with the status quo. I have yet to see anyone in the mayor’s office, city council or greater Memphis chamber offer a cut in their salaries to help get these people back to work. Prayers going out to all who serve and have served.

  • DetlaEB

    Now, how much in debt is this City? What about that “RAINY DAY FUND” How much is in it? Seems there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians in charge.

  • Bill Zebub

    Fire them all and start over. That’s the only thing to fix this. Can you find out which Officers and Firemen are off duty sick? Is that Public Record?

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