Rally for Memphis Police and Firefighters

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - While the Blue Flu and Red Rash continues, some Memphians joined together Saturday morning to do what they can to get the fallout from the cuts resolved.

A couple dozen people the day at the Dave Wells Community center in North Memphis to show support for officers and firefighters and ask city leaders to find another way to close budget gaps.

The city council recently voted to cut health care benefits to all city employees and retirees.

This weekend's community rally comes just a few days before Tuesday's city council meeting where Memphians are invited to offer suggestions about how the city can patch a budgetary mess without costing city police and firefighters.

WREG Elise Preston has the latest on this story.


      • canadianwhiskeygirl

        Brandon, was my “smartphone” doing that. Its started messing up on me. Using sons tablet. That was very annoying to me as well. Can’t even post in here on my ph now…it yoyo’s on me.

  • David Cupples

    Why is News 3 not reporting the fact that the city has violated Title 4 (pension ordinance)???? And has been violating it for years. Can’t afford to fund it is not an excuse. The reason they didn’t want to pay into social security is because they would have to come up with the money every quarter for deposit to the U.S. Treasury. Why is it that the state had to FINALLY pass a law to force the city to bring the pension up to funding requirements? It was (according to the ordinance) “a made obligation of the city”. The pension would be fine and healthcare would not have been raided had the city lived up to its OWN ORDINANCES. Jim Strickland himself stated that the city had funded the pension correctly for years, which is a violation of the ordinance. So are they going to enforce a few ordinances just to try and punish employees and forget about the enforcing the others? I dare you to ask the mayor and council why they refuse to enforce the pension ordinances that have been on the books for years. You are supposed to be fair and impartial as a media outlet, searching for the truth. Are you really searching? I am beginning to wonder.

      • Don

        Is there not a person(s) the stated that can find out what is going on in the Memphis City Hall, How does the TBI handle something like Corruption going on in Memphis. The taxpayers need help, and soon.

      • 1midtownmike

        The state needs to go ahead and start their investigation. AC is too proud and arrogant the ask for outside help.
        The sooner, the better. It’s coming ya’ll.

    • Brandon

      This is considered mainstream media. Reporters don’t work anymore. They do some halfass reporting on local news and then read off the weather report from their iPad, but the rest of the news is handed down from the government. Ever wonder why they don’t use the term “illegal alien” anymore?

  • Just Saying

    This is a prime example of elected officials need to be elected for qualifications not color of skin. Wake up Memphis just because they’re the same color as you does not mean there going to stand by you!

    • Brandon

      They did the same thing at the Oakhaven UPS facility. Their racist promotion policy put a lot of stupid people in cushy positions while the white males suffered. It’s one of the many reasons I bailed on that sinking ship.

  • Harvey Herring

    Check and find out how many people have been hired/appointed because of family connections, friendship or members of the same church. Also look at how many in city hall are making six figure salaries and the rank of the mayor’s policeman driver!
    Ask the council why they hired a professional consultant and did not take his professional advice! This person was shocked that they were unnecessarily taking away the health care for retirees. He also advised that the current pension system was the least costly option and that the 410A was not a good thing for employees! Did they ask for his to refund his fees since they totally Refused to take his professional advice?

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