80 Firefighters call in sick Saturday

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(Memphis, Tenn.) - Eighty firefighters making the call, not an emergency call, but  a sick call saying they would not be at work Saturday.
The head of the fire union says it's getting noticed.

"There is a spike. I don't know if it is frustration. I'd like to think our people will continue to work," says Thomas Malone, President of the Memphis Firefighters Union.

For the fire department it means fewer people to handle emergencies and equipment.  It's why 4 ladder trucks like the one at the fire station on Mississippi in South Memphis will remain idle. It's browned out, shut down from service.

It has some citizens worried.

"I don't think they should let it go on this long because they are putting everybody's life in jeopardy," says Marsha Ewart of Downtown Memphis.

Firefighters say the brown-outs won't leave areas without service.
There are 20 ladder trucks in the city. The four that have been pulled off the streets are all from different areas and there are still 16 in use.

Still, 80 firefighters off the streets have some wondering how long this can go on and what it's going to take to solve the real issue at hand.

"I am surprised it's gone this long,but I support our men and women who support our people. If it means a higher tax increase, I am in support of that," says Kawika Chun of Downtown Memphis.

"You say you need money, start cutting that top brass salary first," says Leonard Reed of South Memphis.

The Firefighters Union says the work action, which the union does not condone, makes it hard as they try to find a solution.

" We are telling folks if this is something you are doing on your own, you need to get back to work so we can get back to the table. It makes it hard to work at the table when there is a perceived job action out there," says Malone.

Even though 80 firefighters called in sick Saturday, 24 of those were already out on extended leave.
All of this may come to a head on Tuesday, when the Memphis City Council meets and is expected to take up this issue.


  • SOsick

    So my only question is why don’t these sorry citzens make negative comments about these guys like they did the police nothing against the fire fighters just want to let our citzens know I like we’re there tax money is going while all these contagious virus going around OVERTIME

    • Don

      I don’t think the mayor and Council know what they have done.
      How will the insurance companies think about homes and businesses that are put in harms way because of the police and Firemen not working.
      It is time the citizens and businesses get together and get rid of the slime that is the leadership of Memphis.
      I don’t have a dog in this hunt because I don’t live in Memphis anymore.
      I would suggest who have business or live there to check with their Insurance company and see how your rate in the future

  • Just Saying

    This is a prime example of elected officials need to be elected for qualifications not color of skin. Wake up Memphis just because they’re the same color as you does not mean there going to stand by you!

    • Destiny

      Unfortunately most of the older citizens voting the mayor and council clowns into office do not read the papers or have half a clue that whoreton and his boyfriends are pissing on their legs and telling them it’s raining.

      • Johnny

        A happy worker ia a productive worker. Common decentcy and fairness gives you a lot of leverage as an employer to demand more and better from an employee. Imagine if you haven’t had a cost of living raise for seven years but only multiple healthcare insurance premium increases and a 5 % paycut. Gives you a sense that a boat dock, ball park and dilapidated malls and buildings are more important than feeding and clothing your children.

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