WREG demands answers from company failing to pick up garbage

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "The grace period is now over," Dwon Gilliom, the director of Public Works, said.

Gilliom marched into Inland Waste on a mission.

"Basically told them that the citizens expect a certain level of services and they have not received those services since Inland took over," Gilliom said.

Inland Waste signed a five-year contract with the city to pick up trash and recycling in Cordova and from people living on the east side of Memphis.

However, the company is not off to a great start with customers.

"They had you know some issues in terms of the new equipment, they've had equipment in the shop," Gilliom said. "With any changes in terms of the contract, you're going to have some service deficiencies, delays, interruptions, and everything."

The people who called and wrote in to WREG said there is no excuse for the delay in service they are forced to pay.

WREG demanded answers from the company on Friday.

"The drivers are learning the routes," Wes Carruthers, District Manager with Inland Waste, said. "They're going to make mistakes and we are going to correct those mistakes so that's the reason for the sometimes misses."

The city recently spent thousands of dollars rolling out a new recycling program with larger bins.

The director worries if this level of service continues, people will throw the cans to the curb.

"We cannot afford to lose not one customer," Gilliom said.

The company has until Monday to get their act together, or the city may be forced to close the lid on a situation that stinks.

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  • Ken Wagner

    My neighbor across street did not have his garbage picked up at all last week they just drove right past his house after doing the rest of the cove, today they went through they picked up his garbage in the garbage can but the garbage from last week and accumulated garbage from this week were not picked up. So you can just imagine the view that we have as we walked out to our car or look out our front window. The recycle bins and trash pick up have not been done as yet. We live in the Cordova area and this is what you get when your Annexed into the city of Memphis.

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