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Siblings of child chained to fence placed in home with questionable past

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Neighbors said the Bloomingburgs appeared to be a good family.

However, the neighborhood kids told stories of the Bloomingburg kids not being fed and one little boy repeatedly chained up in the backyard.

News Channel 3 was there as workers from the Department of Children's Services removed the kids and placed them with a neighbor.

Now DCS confirms that neighbor was under investigation for abuse herself.

“Somebody would have to authorize them to be over there?” asked Gregory Jackson, who lives nearby.

Jackson found it hard to believe DCS would knowingly allow them to go anyplace where there was even a hint that something could be wrong.

He said the kids don't deserve that.

“If it is (true), I wouldn't want to be there. I'm praying for kids and family as well.”

The biological mother of some of those kids said she's been praying too.

She lost her kids to a drug problem, and says she's got her life back together and can provide a better home than what DCS has done.

“Those are my kids. I never thought they'd be going through anything like that,” said Dionne Johnson, the child’s mother.

DCS says when you're dealing with some of their most challenging kids, allegations of abuse will pop up.

Spokesman Rob Johnson said, “After careful review, the home remains in good standing and decisions are based on the needs of the child, and resources available.”

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