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Questions linger on whether Greg Davis will actually do any jail time

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- Within hours of being sentenced for embezzlement and fraud, Greg Davis was back at home, released on bond until his appeal is heard.

"Unless you are convicted of a sex crime, a crime of a minor, or a crime where the penalty is likely death, you are entitled to a bond pending the outcome of your appeal," Desoto County District Attorney John Champion said.

He says Davis may be free now, but not for long.

"In my opinion, it was an error-free trial. Once the Supreme Court affirms the conviction, he will be taken into custody immediately," said Champion.

Davis is convicted of double dipping in the city coffers, getting reimbursed for gas at the same time he was filling his city vehicle at city pumps and fraudulently taking ownership of a car leased to the city.

Davis' attorney has already filed an appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court, saying there should have been a change of venue in the case and some evidence should have been tossed out.

The appeals process could take two-and-a-half years, while Davis remains free. If and when he heads to prison, the Department of Corrections will decide where he serves his time depending on space available. The former mayor may not end up in your traditional type jail cell.

"Not all penitentiaries have bars. Some of them are barrack-like situations. Some have bars, just depends of where he goes," Champion said.

Still, some are skeptical Davis will do much time at all and whether that's fair.

"If we do something wrong we get fined or go to jail. What's the difference for politicians?" asked one woman who lives in Desoto County.

One thing that could add to Davis' jail time and possibly get his bond revoked is what the federal government does with its investigation into Davis.

If the feds indict Davis,  District Attorney John Champion says he will look into asking the judge to revoke the appeals bond and send Davis on to prison, if it can legally be done.