Deputies find arsenal of guns, tub of marijuana butter during bust

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County deputies made a big bust that is shaking up a quiet Memphis neighborhood.

David Prentice is behind bars facing a laundry list of charges.

The house where he was arrested, 214 N. Perkins, is in a nice, normal neighborhood, and looks like a normal house. But what deputies found inside, was anything but. They found an arsenal of high-powered guns and a tub of marijuana butter.

Marcia Wright lives just a few doors down from Prentice’s house. She said, while he was quiet, she never could have guessed what was going on behind his closed door.

“Oh my God,” she said. “That’s so scary, and we walk by there all the time.”

In a bust, Shelby County sheriffs deputies found an arsenal of weapons, including a stolen handgun.

“We actually have a flare smoke launcher,” the sheriff said. “We’re still working with ATF to see if that was taken from the military installation.”

They also found $57,000 worth of marijuana, pot cookies and an 11-pound tub of marijuana butter.

Prentice is a convicted felon and spent a year behind bars for burglary in 1990.

The sheriffs department said they are not sure how he was able to get so many weapons, but they are looking into it.

“We’re working with ATF to determine the origin of that,” the sheriff said.

Back on N. Perkins, Prentice’s neighbors are just happy he, his guns and his drug-laced dairy products are gone.

“I’m glad the police found him and got him,” Wright said. “That’s just amazing.”

Deputies tell WREG Prentice’s children were living in the home with him, and the majority of the guns were not locked up or secured.


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