Three charged in kidnapping & murder

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Memphis, Tenn. — A woman and two men are in jail in connection with a brutal murder that crossed nearly the entire city of Memphis.

According to court records, Markius Howard and Jerry Townsel got into an argument with Allen Bernard Saturday night at Austin Peay & Covington Pike.

Police say Howard and Townsel beat Bernard, then loaded him into an SUV driven by Tasha Donley.

Investigators say Donley drove across the city as the two men continued to beat Bernard and Bernard begged to be released.

Police say the three dumped Bernard’s body Sunday morning on Double Tree Rd. in Southwest Memphis, more than 20 miles away from where he was taken.


  • Jim

    Violent Crime in this city is out of control. Move your family out as soon as possible,. Don’t be the next murder victim in Memphis.

  • Aha!

    Hey, Jim. I am moving to Livingston County, TN, in October. Low crime, 98% white. Plus, it is very beautiful. I cannot wait!

    • aubrey

      Hmmm. No white people commit any crimes right? Good luck with John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy abd Casey Anthony. You are delusional or very naive…

      • Rick

        Hmmm…..Good luck with Davnious, Trayvonious, Leroy, Tyrone, and the tens of thousands of blacks that commit murder every year…comparing them to four white guys is lame Buckwheat.

  • Evette

    I’m sure more than 4 could have been named. I’m not going to even try and defend some of t his crazy behavior, but don’t try and act like white people don’t shoot guns. Do I need to mention school shootings …movie theaters….whites just shoot 20 people at once and get it over with!

    • Aha!

      Other than a few thug students, all black, that I taught during my teaching career, I do not know a single person who has committed murder. Not only that, I do not know of any of my white family or friends who randomly shoot a gun. And none have ever kidnapped or beaten a person to death, either. The black community needs to admit that it is broken and do something about it. Here are some suggestions: value education, stop having kids at 13, limit the amount of kids you have to how many you can afford, stop listening to career politicians who have been offering hand-outs for the lat 3-4 generations, know everything about your kids — friends, grades, teachers, principals, everything.

      • Wayne

        That BS I went to a mixed school with all races. And half of the parents say they knew their kids. But I was first hand with them because I was around the everyday. SO I hate when people say they know what there kids doing it’s a lie and thats a fact.

    • Wake Up

      The FBI’s inform crime statistics don’t lie. Roughly 3-4% of the population, young black males, commits 50% of the crimes.

      Something needs to change

      • Hooligan

        I have always said it is the feral bast ard children running amok in civil society that make this place almost intolerable

  • Dan

    It’s a Shoot or Be Shot Time in our History… I don’t go anywhere in Memphis or the surrounding area without my side arm…

  • Elizabeth

    there are a great number of young white mothers too ever watch teen mom or 15/16 and pregnant…mostly trailer trash living with their boyfrineds under their mother’s roof and knocked up and getting the same welfare that is issued out in large part to your white counterparts, hell they get more foodstamps than all of the other backgrounds, so your “people” profit from those said “handouts” moreso than other racial groups. And if their parents knew who they were with and what they were doing at all times they wouldn’t be in the basements making bombs, and killings schools of innocent students, teachers, principals and everything. not to mention the ones that grow up to be pedophiles raping children, fondling children, and kidnapping children. they’re even allowed to become preists in your culture….and i guess the ones that aren’t raping them are busy locking them in hot cars 2 examples this summer alone…or like the crazy witch who drowned hers…oh yeah she was white wasn’t she…so while your white counterparts sit at home doped up on their prescriotion meds and act as if they are fine and dandy their children are the terrorist that you should fear. Get it right the black race ins’t the only race that’s broken….your race is broken too, and they commit crimes in massive numbers. Some of the most heinous and severe crimes this world has seen was commited by your upstanding white counterparts i.e Enron. So please do us a favor and run don’t walk to Livingston County…we don’t want nor do we need you and your ignorance polluting our environment. So go and take your antidepressants and think you know what your children are doing….when we all know they curse you to your face and slam the door to their rooms in your pasty white face.

    • Aha!

      Per capita, blacks commit more crimes and get more handouts than any other race in the US. Whites are not perfect, but at least in white neighborhoods we are not awoken at night by gunfire, murders, thugs walking the streets. Nor do we see prostitution, drug deals, etc. Before you go of, literally, let me remind you that your own kind sold your ancestors into slavery. Had President Lincoln lived, he had a plan to ship you back to Africa or black islands. Don’t believe me? Just visit the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Il. I wish he would have lived. That would have solved a bunch of problems here. Another thing to consider: look at all the chaos and crime and corruption that occurs in cities where blacks are in control.

  • Jeanie

    Why does EVERYTHING have to be a race war? We live in America. Everyone here is an Immigrant; other than native americans. Grow up people. No race is better than another. God loves and created us all. We all have problems.

  • atjohnson

    I’m a Black man. I have never been in trouble with the law and neither have my children or anyone else in my family or any of my friends. Both my wife and I have college degrees. I’m a Christian and Minister who refuses to participate in this ‘us against them attitude’ that so many people in this city seem to love. It’s amazing to see the same 20 or so people who use this as a forum to vent. More than anything else, Memphis needs more positive people – of all races.

  • Elizabeth

    not angry sprotzfan just speaking on truths…fact finding…try it sometime. It is sad people are able to run down other races and when i defend some valid points I’m the angry black woman….on second thought the comments made earlier did anger me because they were so one sided and thoughtless.

  • Matthew M.C. Howl

    Less than 15% of the population but more than half of all violent crimes. Hard to be positive, much easier to @void da gr0ids

  • Arguenot

    Something needs to be done. Denying a culture has a serious issue gets nothing solved. Looking at the epicenters of Detroit, Philly, Memphis, Atlanta, the trend is clear. What we need is a change of attitude and to quit writing off an entire segment of our community. Black…white..purple…who cares. See the problems, come up with solutions.
    No more excuses, no more finger pointing, no more political correctness that hobbles any real change… We need to move forward together, or it will not happen.

  • g

    rip allen! You were the most non-violent, non-confrontational person that I have ever known. While you people are worried about a race war, this had nothing to do with race. What these people did was pure evil. While your worried about race, my niece will never get a chance to see her dad again. RIP brother

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