Three arrested, accused in brutal beating, kidnapping and murder

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.- Three people are behind bars, accused of brutally beating a man to death and dumping his body in a South Memphis neighborhood.

Families found the stranger beaten to death on a sidewalk at the intersection of Double Tree and Nester Cove.

A neighbor alerted Bernice White while she was on her way to morning worship Sunday, he man`s body was feet from her home. White couldn't believe it, but walked outside to check. She saw the man face down with his clothes partially torn off.

“Did that upset your spirit on the way to church?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Yeah, while I was in church, all I could see was his body,” replied White.

Detectives say, Jerry Townsel, Markius Howard and Tasha Donley got into an argument with the man at the Wal-Mart on Austin Peay late Saturday.

Police say Townsel admitted he and Howard beat the man so badly, he collapsed.

“It`s awful to see somebody do somebody like that,” said White.

The beating did not stop. According to police records, Townsel also admitted to dragging the victim into an SUV and continuously pounding him while Donley drove around town.

They dumped his body in a neighborhood where nobody knew him. It`s now a place neighbors will never forget what happened.

“I can still see that in my mind. Knowing that`s somebody's child, somebody`s relative,” White said.

All three suspects face first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping charges. They head to court Friday.


    • Carrie

      Wait, what?! One, how do you know they were disrespected first? Two, look at all was lost because people can’t act like adults, like they have some type of sense. If I’m not mistaken, Tasha has a daughter. Now, what? And you say something like that?! My black people are doomed because of mentalities like that. You think you have all right to take someone’s life over words. They’re going to give them the maximum sentence. All over some words, they’re freedom is gone forever.

  • Matthew M.C. Howl

    The guy probably grabbed the last rotisserie chicken . See what happens when you go to Wally World and forget to @void da gr0ids…

  • g

    my nieces father… RIP…. It doesnt matter what he did, the crime these people did will never allow my niece to see her dad again.. Just sad

  • Sister-In-Law

    First let me say that he was not dumped in a place that no one knew him. They had to drive past his Mom and Dads house to dump him. He was my brother-in-law and he is LOVED and NO ONE deserves to die like this. EVER. This night ruined a lot of lives.

    • Peachess

      Yes Allen Was Loved He Didnt Bother Anyone And This Hurted My Heart While Reading This He Did Deserve This At All ! Im Also His Sister In Law

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