Teen won’t go to trial for beating after elderly victim dies

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CLARKSDALE, Miss. -- The teen accused of beating an elderly Clarksdale woman will not go to trial due to her death.

Shirley Gordon, the only witness prosecutors had, died last December at age 79, and she's the only witness to the crime and the only one that could identify Edward Malane, Jr. as her attacker.

Malane allegedly inflicted the injuries on the elderly Gordon with a concrete block while in the act of stealing her car.

Gordon said Malane, who was just 14 years old at the time, followed her home from a nearby convenience store and took her PT Cruiser when she went into her house to get a debit card.

Shirley Gordon never got the chance to see Malane stand trial for assaulting her, and after her death, a Coahoma County Circuit Court judge tossed the case out of court with an order of nolle prosequi, meaning "we shall no longer prosecute."

"It was kind of a shock to me. It said that it had been dismissed June 6th. And my heart hurt because I felt like an injustice had been done to my mom," Gordon's daughter, Tina Wilbanks, said.

It is not believed Gordon's death is directly linked to the attack.

Gordon told WREG, “I was praying and doing everything I knew I could do. That’s why I fought him back with what I could do. I was popping him when I could.”

Wilbanks said she thinks the DA's office did not move quickly enough.

"I think the DA's office maybe took just too long to work on it," said Wilbanks.

Wilbanks said her mother started developing health issues that affected her memory.

"She had been showing signs of dementia and it worsened. And I had told their office and no one came. And then when the guy finally came, my mom couldn't even respond to his questions about what color the guy was or anything," said Wilbanks.

While she is a strong believer in the justice system, Wilbanks said she feels like her mother was victimized twice: once by Edward Malane and once by the legal system.

"Well, this is done, Nothing's going to happen. He's not going to have to pay the price for what's been done," said Wilbanks.

Wilbank's is relieved Malane will serve 20 years for kidnapping and assaulting a 4-year-old boy in Tunica County while out on a reduced bond.


  • RPW

    I hope she comes back and haunts everyone who dropped the ball on this one. I mean drive them all to insanity. This is what most lawyers and crooked D.A.’s do best,( nothing). God Rest your soul.

  • Long Gone

    Whatever happened to a dying declaration? They have video of her That and physical evidence should be enough.
    Wilbank’s is relieved Malane will serve twenty years for kidnapping and assaulting a 4-year-old boy in Tunica County while out on a reduced bond
    This clearly shows the justice system is broken.

  • YeahIsaidIt

    Whats wrong WREG was my comment ‘too much’? 2 things are not long hidden: truth and the rising sun. You will delete that too I bet.

    • Nonsense

      What to you mean Linda??? How can anyone think he is responsible…I am at a loss for words here…

      • Indian Andy

        Just like I know he was responsible for raping kidnapping and beating that 4 year old boy nearly to death. He choked him until the thought he was dead. How can anybody in their right mind NOT think he’s is. Responsible?

      • Indian Andy

        Linda, he will be needing a place to parole out to in a few years. He will only have to serve 70% of the sentence. Maybe you’ll let him parole out to live with you and your family. Got any small children or elderly women in your family?

  • Kevin Conrad

    Oh look! Yet another hate crime that WILL NOT be labeled as such. Knowing and acknowledging the facts does not make you a racist. Ignoring them and avoiding the truth does. Do some research people. Learn, for yourself, the truth about crime in this country and especially in the mid-south.

  • Spikeit

    What this tells criminals is to KILL the victim because without the testimony of said victim, no crime occurred. God knows this is wrong on a BUNCH of levels! Whomever said you can’t get away with murder was sadly mistaken because this worthless sub-human, did.

  • Spikeit

    I have to wonder; what about evidence from the scene? Surely there were prints left on the concrete block he beat her with and on her vehicle, among other items, placing him at the scene. Alive or not, what about her sworn statement? If she couldn’t ID the kid, PRINTS PUT HIM THERE! And how did they know who to take into custody? This is messed up and Ms. lawmakers should be ashamed. And here I THOUGHT Tn was pathetic.

    • Brandon

      Since when do police care about solving crimes? They’re going to get a paycheck regardless of how the day goes. This is the work ethic we have to look forward to. Everyone has an “Office Space” mentality: do just enough work to keep from getting fired.

  • luvbreamfishin'

    It’s sad that someone hasn’t put this 2bit mudsavage mongrel in the ground yet,,but there is always hope..

  • Jeff Rowe

    Now all we need is some White men with backbone to kill that little subhuman. And it’s fambly too.

  • Lunician

    You should demand an autopsy and this should be ruled a homicide. Does not matter how long after she died as long as she died as a result of the injuries she received during the attack. Did they not have prints or swab the car for touch dna. He should still be prosecuted. It is lazy da work that needs an “I” witness to solve a crime. Ridiculous! Sick of loser investigative and prosecuting agencies and maybe if they become victims they will start to do a better job.

  • Whyidontlivethereanymore

    Coahoma county and Clarksdale justice system is freaking joke! Shame on that judge, but it’ll come back to him. Had she been an elderly black lady and he’d been a white boy this would have made national news! And poor kid, if only they had half life locked up he’d have been fine too!

  • Terrie

    Had she been MY Mother that little roach would be 6 feet under now. The stupid black bstrd needs to rot & burn!

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    System has failed us once again! I feel for the family involved but know that Shirley is going to see justice and there is a special place for monsters like him.

  • james

    I hope her daughter fights this verdict. I call b.s. at it’s finest. This lady was attacked well over a year ago. Someone should be held accountable for dropping the ball on this.

  • Inez

    What the hell is this? If a human had committed this crime, their charge would have been upgraded from attempted murder to murder. But since its a member of a protected species, it gets to walk? Is this Eric Holder’s Justice system? Shame on them for allowing this evil feral beast to go free!

    • MN

      First, what this rat turd did disqualifies him as being human. Second, I would almost bet that if this poor woman had a 357 magnum available to point at this pumpkin’s head, she may still be alive and we would be reading about his demise.

      • Mike

        Yeah, then the jewsmedia would work up a frenzy and send the elderly white woman to prison for defending herself.

  • PK

    This is where ‘Private Justice’ should come into play….
    Solve the problem now before it gets worse.

  • Arguenot

    So, the only way to prosecute a crime is if you have an eyewitness?
    I guess forensic evidence and a solid investigation have no meaning in Clarksdale.
    This prosecutor and judge should be fired, and someone who wants to do the job put in their place.
    And just another example of a crime trend sweeping the gang infested areas, one the media does not want to recognize nor report on. Elderly white people, and white people in general, becoming targets…. Not good. This madness has got to stop.

  • Arguenot

    Oh, and the family of the young boy kidnapped by this monster should SUE Clarksdale and their incompetent prosecutor’s office for placing a pitifully low bond which allowed this animal to walk free, and then make their son a victim!
    Good for Tunica…doing the job Clarksdale should have

  • Marie Shaw

    ugh,,,, its sad the world that we live in today certain people can get away with murder and only a certain type of person lives in Clarksdale so certain people could have only did it! its sad that we have to live with those certain people! I think that we should segregate again

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