Mississippi ranked most corrupt state

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- The Magnolia state is known for a lot of things like its blues music and southern hospitality, but thanks to Fortune Magazine, it’s now also known as the most crooked state.

Researchers for a new study compiled decades of corruption convictions to come up with the corrupt state rankings. Across the nation, more than 25,000 elected officials were convicted for the crime.

The study also shows Mississippi is one of the least economically developed states in the nation and that could be because the money is going into more elected officials pockets there instead of to the people who voted them into office.

Mississippi isn’t alone when it comes to corruption in the Mid-South. According to the same study in Fortune Tennessee is the third most corrupt state. The study says most of the shady deals come in the form of construction spending.

According to the report “states with higher levels of corruption are likely to favor construction, salaries, borrowing, correction, and police protection at the expense of social sectors such as education, health and hospitals.”

Last year’s graduation rates back that claim up as Mississippi ranked third from the bottom.


  • Susan Melton Piper

    OMG, thank you for this. It just verifies all that I have observed since coming “home” from a progressive place (and where I hope I can escape to again). I do thnk that TN is more corrupt than MS based on my experience in a small southwest TN town. IT is sad but I think I know why my family left and never came back. I surely made the mistake of doing so but won’t again once I can get out again.

  • Liberal survey gets liberal results

    Well of course the south is corrupt according to some Yankee magazine. These bozos are trying to tell me these southern states are more corrupt than Illinois, New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan?? They are outta of their friggin minds. That’s like saying Lincoln was one of the best Presidents!! Take your survey, poll, or whatever else you used to come up with these rankings and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Brenda Johnson

      Apparently you didn’t understand the article. More were convicted of corruption than any other state. Due to the lack of education and basic understanding of politics (and the fact that people vote for someone just because they are a certain color), people are less likely to realize how screwed over they are getting.

  • j

    I am not at all surprised either. I don’t know why, these sates keep voting the same old tired thing in year after year after year. It is actually an insult that people think the people of these states are ignorant and can’t decide. It’s like memphis, if you are black then you will get the black vote regardless if you are qualified to make the correct decision or not. Any politician knows full well there is a bounty of government money and that is why they run, DOES HALEY BARBOUR ring a bell? TRENT LOTT? BRYANT and now the infamous greg davis!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not the states mentioned, it is rampant with any government of the USA. federal/state/local. I have seen it first hand, millions millions of dollars wasted. One question to people, taxpaying people! WHAT TO DO????????????????????? DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Susan Melton Piper

      I guess I was too strong but I want to go on record that while there are many good people here, it is true what some of you say that the same old tired people keep getting voted in to office and yes, it is not just here. Still, I don’t know if the regular, hard working people just don’t wish to rock the boat, I know for some in my little town it is based on color still and there is plenty of corruption regardless of ethnicity, that makes it even worse that some have forgottent the sacrifices made by some for their equality which I don’t think was about equality in being corrupt.
      Still, as a native midsoutherner who came back to real nightmares and serious, sometimes violent civil rights violations (I am not black) by the good old white boys who have ruined our town with private prisons, I am forever and sadly, different. While I would like to be the ever smiling, helpful, community oriented person I was for the first 50 years of my life, I don’t think that can ever be again. And for those who dispute this, there is too much documentation, witnesses, real evidence including video, etc. to back up my statements. Wish it wasn’t so but it is. And, for those who think this is a Yankee thing, it is not. I am very proud of my heritage in many ways, ancestors have been in the south since some came over while some were already living here and met them (maybe shouldn’t have been so nice but that is history). I have had ancestors fight bravely in every war and relatives on both sides of the Civil War although all were born and bred southern. If you claim to be a good Christian, don’t judge me until you really know what my family and I have experienced since 2005. I have to now admit that when I lived out elsewhere, there was some truth to the stereotypes. IF you don’t like it, bring real democracy to your community. Otherwise, politely keep your head in the sand QUIETLY. Your experience is not mine nor others of my current and former neighbors who feel they have no voice in local politics and have been punished illegally when they tried. Facts are facts. Go ask Attorney Hodges at the TN State Comptroller’s Office about our fight to just obtain minutes from local board of aldeman meetings.

  • YeahIsaidIt

    With Cochran buying the black vote and as a resident of Mississippi, I will agree with this story. 100 percent!

    • michelle

      First before you judge a state about their traditional flag do the history and story behind it…. it Is by far not the confederate flag the design in the flag describes the 13 colonies of the united states..it was actually the battle flag for northern virginia… wow the ignorance of people … now with that being said do your homework and research , before you hand judgement on something you have no idea of what your talking about…..

  • Tea Bagged

    A Tea Bagger must have come up with this article to put into the news. This is not news. Tea Party just cant stand to lose. Oh Well. Good Ole Boys take a stand against these tea Baggers

  • Whatever

    It says “Researchers for a new study compiled decades of corruption convictions to come up with the corrupt state rankings.” Has it occurred to anyone that the south may be better at catching and prosecuting these lowlifes? Studies such as these can be manipulated to fit the opinion or beliefs of those compiling it and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But then, some folks will believe anything.

    • Susan Melton Piper


      Other states actually have laws against most of the stuff that goes on here. No one dares to try it unless they are really arrogant or stupid. Sure, it just isn’t a southern thing but it occurs here more for a number of reasons the main one I can tell is intimidation of decent people by political and/or community bullies and because our area has been economically not so good since Reconstruction, I think because the old kiss up to the popular/rich/connected locals as a means to get ahead has been handed down for generations now. You got some pretty mean people here but I know they “come from a good Christian family” or at least that is the excuse out in my neck of the woods. Being a Christian who tries to do right but who wholeheartedly knows I am far from perfect, I ain’t buying it. If you have to try to convince people that you or someone you know are a perfect Christian, then the alarms should go off for intelligent foils.

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