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Latest on MPD & MFD sick calls

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The “Blue Flu” is still affecting Memphis police, although a few officers did return to work Wednesday.

At last check, officials said 499 officers called in sick Thursday down from more than 550 Wednesday.

No numbers have been released for Thursday.

At the fire department, 61 people are reportedly out today which is an increase of one from Wednesdays total.

Typically the number is around 11.



  • ajw

    Sounds like the public service sector is extremely over staffed and it should be reduced so why not relieve them of their duty and terminate their employment. I have been at my job 15 years and only missed 8 days in that time. And never had a vacation. So to the MPD and MFD stop thinking you are special, the rest of us only 401k plans and have to fit the bill for our insurance we do not get subsidies. Eliminate city government and make this a consolidated government that is run by the county. Or just send the national guard in because it is a war zone about to erupt like the movie the Purge.

    • John

      Bless your little heart. Sounds to me like you are either lazy or stuck in a rut or don’t have the skills to move on. Or maybe a combination of all three.

    • Crazy

      Again what does being white have to do with anything? I have never seen so many racists in my life…You are all pathetic.

      • KT1128

        I agree with you Crazy, everything that happen in this town race is always the issue here. That’s part of the reason that this city is so far behind other cities and can’t move forward.

    • Get Informed

      Yeah. Not sure if your working 70 hrs a week with no vacation 7 days a week, but short of that 24 bucks an hr ain’t 70k a year. If your working that much and in all those years with no vacation and have a college degree I can see how you might be an angry person. However, to say police and fire jobs aren’t anything different from anything else is just not reality. I’m failing to understand your logic in saying police are getting too much, because they make roughly 24 dollars an hr and I can tell you in this town, the vast vast majority do not sit on their “a” ( I think is how you termed it) as you claim to. They and the fire dept risk their lives for people they don’t even know. Of course if you have the courage, and they are so over paid, you can always do the academy at each one. Your a few tests and a background check away from a 21 week academy and there you go. You even get some vacation. You probably wont get promoted for 20years and the city may not honor every obligation they were supposed to make with you regarding salary and benefits. The city might even tell you they will pay 70 pct you insurance in retirement for 30 years and the week you retire say “psyche!” Sorry we are not going to do that. You wont get social security so then you just have to figure out how not to lose your home and a way to eat. Oh yeah and don’t get shot and disabled on the job because your insurance will cost 1600 a month. I can explain why a pension is better for both the city and the employee if your interested. I’ll just be repeating what the city council’s hired actuary said at the last few meeting on why it’s best for both parties to keep it.

      • Get Informed

        oh and you are in a defined benefit program, it’s called social security. City employees don’t get that. (The city only pays 6.2 % into the pension, it would cost them 7.5% their part for social security. The employees pay 7.5 to 9% of their checks into the pension. (Did you notice that was a lot more than the city, we are the only US major city where the employer pays less than the employee. And the match on the 401k they offered is 8%. Whether they did that ever again after the first year is anybody’s guess. The pension in Memphis is extremely strong at, per the city council’s expert , 83% funded even though the city has not paid, not even close, to what was owed every year.

  • takenobull

    Good for you. We should all work years with out a vacation. We should all be a slave to a job with no benefits. Maybe you should not be a dummy and find another job.

  • ajw

    My determination at being at my post for 15 years has given me great benefits. I make $24 and hour sitting on my a55 all day. How about you partna?

    • deuce

      $24 per hour does not give you $70k and while you are sitting on your art at work officers are making sure your home is safe. On your way home say you get car jacked, you want the police to catch the person that threatened your life with a firearm. While you are sleeping,officers are making sure you and your family are safe. If your home catches a blaze, firefighters are running in to put it out and save the lives that stuck inside while you cowardly watch.

      • FVMMO88

        Nope last time my home got broke into the police didn’t do anything so the police are joke I don’t need them I got plenty of ammo to protect my own. Deuces

      • FVMMO88

        I make $800 a day servin that goodie. Let the servants serve. I might serve on they blocc to they fam while they workin and they daughter twerkin for that good

  • problematic

    Working for 15 years with no vacation is nothing to brag about. Do you risk your life and not coming home to your family everyday on your job?, if u do hats off to you. Its not really about the money, its about working in one of the most dangerous cities in merica without the certainty that if something happens to you, your family will be able to survive. Its about broken promises made by crooked city officials who thrive while everyone around them struggles to make ends meat. its about risk vs reward.

    • ajw

      Move to a different city where they can get the respect they feel they deserve. Everyday I leave my house it is a gamble in this city, so us citizens that actually live in Memphis have the same issues to deal with that the MPD has to deal with. Its called 20 years of Herenton. They should just strike and get it over with make their demands and move on. I mean the whole city is on Section 8 so this is the outcome of white flight.

  • FVMMO88

    West Up Homie. We on deck 2nite 2 make it do what it do. No laws around to stop us now. Lets get it craccin. Its open season son. All you folks from T County get caught slippin comin thru Da Bay. We stopping all white folks 2nite.

  • Orange Mound Slm

    This isn’t news find a real headline. This is just more whiteys mad because a black man has their life in his hand they are in protest of Obama they said that when he got re-elected that they may win the president but we still own the streets i.e. white cops

    • An Officer

      Because all MPD officers are white Orange Mound Slim?

      Either way, there is no real difference between you and AJW and his 24 dollar an hour 70k salary. Lol both of you make this place the joke. Us the police, we’ll be just fine. The surprise coming with the quality of recruits youre going to get is on the both of you. White cops, lol.

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