Dozens of cats and dogs found during marijuana raid

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. –A pot growing investigation in rural Mississippi uncovered a possible animal hoarding and abuse situation.

The Marshall County Metro Narcotics unit and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics executed a search warrant for possible marijuana growing in Barton, Mississippi.

While executing that warrant, 25 dogs and 15 cats were found.

Also found were 30 marijuana plants growing on the property.


  • blahblahblah

    Well, what condition were the cats and dogs in? If they have enough property to grow 30 plants maybe they have enough for the animals.

  • Wake Up

    Feel saver with these people off the street! They can put the animals to sleep now that they rescued them!

  • Pam

    30 whole marijuanas? I bet the house was full of Scooby Snacks. Thank God the evil demon weed never hit the streets and these dangerous awful animal loving people will rot in jail at our expense!

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