County Commission’s Henri Brooks investigation on hold

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are several different judges and lawyers involved in the County Commission chaos surrounding Henri Brooks’ residency, so you know what that means.: delays.

“We need to resolve this, and we need to resolve it quickly. It shouldn’t be that hard to finish this out.”

Famous last words from Steve Basar at this week’s County Commission meeting.

After hours of debate, the board finally decided how and when it was going to handle the investigation into where Brooks lives.

But the plan for an in-house hearing this month went south Wednesday night.

Mike Ritz said, “We are beginning to see here why I thought we should send this to the District Attorney.”

Gary Brown is the District Attorney General for part of West Tennessee and is now handling two criminal investigations into Brooks.

One for the possible assault that the Methodist Central parking lot, and now for possibly lying about her address on government paperwork.

So the Attorney for Shelby County told commissioners to put their investigation on hold.  Meaning none of this may be sorted out by the time Brooks’ term ends at the end of August.

Terry Roland said, “They don’t have any confidence in us up here. And if we definitely ain’t going to take care of ourselves, then god help the people of Shelby County.”

Until this wraps up Brooks will still hold her seat on the board,  attend commission meetings, and vote. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.


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