Thieves steal credit but not cards

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- What’s most troubling about DeSoto County's latest round of credit card theft is that the victims still have their credit cars in their wallets.

It’s the credit card numbers thieves are stealing, and Southaven police want to know how.

Christina Bell doesn’t like using credit cards, because she believes it’s too easy for criminals to steal them.

"Because of all the fraud and stuff and it’s so easy, I mean, you set one down and there you go.”

Apparently that’s just what’s happening in DeSoto County.

Both the Sheriff’s Department and Southaven Police are working cases where thieves are going from drugstore to drugstore, and charging hundreds of dollars to gift cards.

”What we’re thinking is, their credit cards they used someplace else, may have been compromised and these people have the numbers.”

It’s not at all like the credit card thefts we told you about a couple of weeks ago in Hernando. In that case, the thieves actually had the cards.

What makes this so scary, police say, is they don’t know how the crooks are getting the credit card numbers.

And they believe it’s not just a local problem.

”My opinion is, if it’s happening here, it’s probably happening in other jurisdictions.”

In fact, there are indications it’s happened as far away as Alabama.

That’s really got the attention of shoppers like Christina Bell who says, for now, cash is the only way to go.

”They need to be prosecuted. They should not be able to spend other people’s money.”

Police say if they can find the people in the pictures they may be able to find out how they’re getting the card numbers. If you can help, call DeSoto Crimestoppers at 662-429-TIPS.


  • luvbreamfishin'

    just more lazy a z z bottom feeders who leech off of other peoples money instead of getting a job.

    • joe

      Ain’t nairah jobs main! Dey is all gawn ’cause we don need ta wuk no mo fo our benfiss ’cause obama he gwine hep us some mo wif a new kinah a highuh limit on our ebt cahds….

  • Gaby

    One way they may get the credit card numbers, is if they work in any company (fast food, pizza or anything else) and someone make an order by phone, where the (employee) or the person who takes the order can easily write the info and can make online purchases for themselves in a later time.

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