Police arrest adoptive parents of child found chained up

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The adoptive parents of an 8-year-old boy found chained up last week have been arrested.

Kenya and Melvin Bloomingburg were taken into custody at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Both are charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.

Six children were removed from the home in the 5600 block of Gaywinds Avenue last Thursday.

Police say a girl inside the home called them and said her brother was chained up. Neighbors tell us the girl got a hold of a cellphone when her mother went to the grocery store.

Neighbor Valerie Golden said, “My son was over here playing with the kids a while ago, and they said the little boy was chained to the back fence back there.”

Neighbors say they tried to tell a police officer who lives nearby about the abuse, but nothing was done until last week.

If you see or suspect child abuse or neglect, call the child abuse hotline at 877-237-0004.


  • ESS

    Are these people on public assistance and food stamps. What you want to bet they are. I don’t think they adopted this boy because they just LOVE children.

    • Diane

      They adopt these kids to get a check from the state. If you can adopt four or five kids you don’t have to work, You get over like a fat rat with medicaid and food stamps also. They need to put them outside in 100 degree weather with no bathroom privileges all chained up like they did this child. Once again the system has failed our children. Extensive background checks and constant supervision must be in place to prevent stories like this.

    • Diane

      They are not on assistance per se, but they are getting a fat check from the state to adopt these children.

  • Orange Mound Slm

    I get so tired of all you white people who don’t live in Memphis commenting on Memphis mane keep yall racist comments in Tipton County, Fayette County, Mississippi, Arkansas were they belong with all you white folks. Cause yall talkin behind the screen but cant whoop a junebug.

    • donthidebehindurscreen

      Why do you feel so inferior to white people? And what does whoopin anything have to do with this story. People like you are the reasons why racism still exists, maybe you should stop trying to hate so much and figure out what you can do to make yourself feel more valuable because I promise we’re fine! I am PROUD to be WHITE and MARRIED to a BLACK MAN and live in Shelby county and run behind no one. Some of us can stand on our own 2 feet and we don’t need to hide behind our screen and talk about “the white man” to make ourselves feel better or need to beat down people of our own race. Maybe get out the mound and read a book & expand your horizons instead of being the nothing you’ve become!

      • Allahu Akbar

        Own race just because you are married to a ni66a don’t make you black shawty. Or because you got sum bad a-5-5 half breed kids runnin around

      • donthidebehindurscreen

        Sorry that’s all you consider yourself “a ni66a” but I’m married to a Black Man..not what you say you are! And trust that my kids have the best of both worlds and none of the Ghetto life you have lived AKBAR! I wish you a peaceful happy life like I have!

  • Diane

    Why do you assume that everyone who comments must be white and do not live in Shelby County? I live in Shelby County and I am not white.

    • Orange Mound Slim

      I don’t have to assume I know what is posting on here. And if you are black then you must be one of them b-itch made ni66as who sold out to go still run behind the white man.

  • Bobbyie Stokes

    Some people just do not have the patience for rasing children, or their up bringing was very terrible and unpleasant. I know sometimes the check from the state has a lot to do with a lot people adopting children, but don’t let that be an excuse not to work towards something positive in your life.

  • Mary Wynne

    I DON’t know what it was about. Whether you are getting paid or not SHOULD not be a reason to treat a child or anyone like that. This world is so mixed up and people are not living a Christian life. I DON’t care who you care for, you only chain animals not humans. They can’t be sane. Take the child back if you feel that way about him. Don’t abuse people.

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