Guns stolen from retired deputy

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Richard Murphy is working to put his life back together after someone broke into his house Tuesday night.

"When we come through the front door we seen the back door was open so I made my wife go back outside," Murphy said.

The retired Shelby County Sheriff's deputy grabbed the closest weapon, a machete. He searched the house, but no one was there.

"You can see it was all kicked in, the boards kicked down, both door locks broke, jam kicked out," Murphy said.

Murphy told WREG the robber ran straight to the back of the house where he kept his guns.

"They got three rifles, my derringer, and my service revolver," Murphy said.

The rifles were guns from WWII.

"I probably won't get them back," Murphy said.

He added was most worried about the gun he used to protect and serve.

"Your service revolver is like part of the family. When you go to work it goes with you. When you come home you bring it home with you, and it's always there for you. It never let's you down," Murphy said.

Neighbors have their guard up because they do not feel safe anymore.

"If they mess with the sheriff, you know they going to mess with anybody," Murphy said. "I just hope nobody gets hurt with them that's the thing. Because that service revolver was for police work, not for thieving and robbing and stuff like that."

Memphis police have not made an arrest. If you know something about the crime, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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  • poolgirl2

    We all know that locks are for honest people, but perhaps Mr. Murphy should go through a Neighborhood Watch Training with Officer Fox. One of his high points is how to reinforce your doors to keep them from being so easily kicked in. So sad that we have criminals who know ALL the tricks to violate our citizens, while our citizens seem powerless against them. I hope these weapons are recovered before crimes are committed with them.

    One note: please stop quoting those who don’t use proper English. It makes Memphians look like idiots. It might be okay to paraphrase occasionally. Maybe you could use the term “(sic)” after the misused words, or a new term such as “(colloquial)”? We only reinforce improper English by continuing to print these grammatical errors.

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