Clinics preparing for surge of police patients needing doctors notes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. –The number of police officers out sick Wednesday with the “Blue Flu” is down, possibly because of a new policy for sick police officers.

Mayor A C Wharton outlined the policy, and called out the hundreds of supposedly “sick” police officers on Wednesday.

“I want them back. I want them back. If they do not come back, there will be consequences.”

Wharton’s harsh words came a day after he changed the police department’s sick policy, making it harder for officers to remain off the job.

“When the word got out that we had a situation in which you can call in one time and don’t have to call in again.  The public was just outraged. That doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

WREG went to one urgent care clinic Wednesday.  We’re not identifying it because of patient client confidentiality conflicts, but this is what one worker said about the change.

“I saw that yesterday and thought we are going to get hit with 100 patients coming to get doctors notes.”

When asked if they had patients who are police officers she said, “We do. But we haven’t seen any to my knowledge yet.”

That’s because the clinician says the officers don’t want to go back to work yet. A big problem for the mayor and the city.

“Whether you call this blue flu, strike, whatever. We’re there now.  We need them back on the force we cannot tolerate this. That’s just point blank.”


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