Residents want rubbish pit thrown out

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LAKE CORMORANT, Miss. -- Bill Austin has lived in the area where the Delta meets the bluff all his life, and says there’s no more beautiful and peaceful place.

”It’s history, it’s heritage, it’s potential for growth. It has a brand new 12-grade school.”

Experts call Lake Cormorant DeSoto County’s next growth hotspot. It’s already got the schools and subdivisions of hundreds of homes all ready for building.

I-69 passes near by, and Starlanding road is due for expansion.

But smack in the middle of it all, sits a rubbish pit that Austin wants shut down.

He took his case to County Supervisors, who voted 3 to 2 to give the landfill five more years to operate.

Supervisors who voted in favor of keeping the rubbish pit open say closing it down would incur extra cost in hauling trash to the next nearest landfill in tunica and opening a new one could take years to get approval of state regulators.

Supervisors say they shortened the landfill’s permit from ten to five years and got other concessions.

”He built an alternate road in, so the big trucks wouldn’t have to come by Lake Cormorant High School and then the county is gonna do monthly inspections.”

Austin isn’t completely happy, but he hopes within five years, supervisors will see the need to shift toward a more growth and conservation policy for this potential boom land, and move the rubbish elsewhere.

”I think there are other areas that if a complete and objective search were made I think it could be found.”

After all, he says Tunica’s landfill is just ten miles down the road.