Path cleared for new nightclub to open at former Club Crave location

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The court order closing commercial operations at 380 Beale Street, last known as Club Crave, has been dissolved.

A new nightclub called The Palace is now set to open in the space by the end of the year. The Downtown Memphis Commission says developer Steve Adelman, who will lease the property, has a history of opening successful clubs in Los Angeles and Boston.

Club Crave was shut down in December 2012 because of crime, including shootings, brawls, and drugs. Other clubs previously in the space also closed because of crime.

Adelman is the manager of Baby Uncle LLC. He approached the DA’s office and the City of Memphis with a plan to revitalize the space, and officials say they believe he can do so “in a safe and productive manner.”

The developer agreed not to hire anyone convicted of a felony, including drug- or gang-related offenses; to meet with law enforcement to address any problems; to employ licensed security who will undergo specialized training with the Multi-Agency Gang Unit; to provide secure, lighted parking and maintain exterior lighting for outdoor common areas; and to have no business dealing with prior tenants.


  • Arthur

    Money talks, and Club Crave will re open. The only thing that will change is the name of the club. “A triple shooting at Crave nightclub that killed one man and injured two others early Monday morning is again eliciting calls for the notorious Beale Street club to be permanently shut down.” (2011)
    “In June 2011 the then-Plush Club was closed after a financial lawsuit was filed against the club’s owner and a nuisance complaint was filed by the District Attorney’s Office. However, the club REOPENED two months later with a new name Club Crave.” – The Commercial Appeal.

    Beale Street is now going to be more dangerous than before.

  • hang-em-high

    You can change the look, but it will still be the same ole gang banging / hoodrats with nothing else better to do on a sunday night. It’s not like they have a job to go to on Monday the only work waiting on them is waiting on the mail man to bring the EBT card.

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