Memphis residents weigh in on “Blue Flu”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With fewer police officers out on the streets of Memphis, some wonder if the – puts their safety at risk.

Ellen Green is from australia and doesn’t go many places around town without her protection — her dog, Boo.

“This is like the least safe place I’ve ever lived,” Green said.

She’s been worried about hundreds of cops calling in sick, angry over city cuts to the pension and health benefits.

“I hope whatever’s going on gets resolved,” Green said.

Almost everyone WREG spoke with said they support officers, but don’t fully understand how much their benefits are getting cut or if the city has a good point.

“They should be taken care of , but I don’t know enough about what they get to have a strong opinion about it,” one resident said.

Most people want to hear more from the city on why they feel the cuts are fair.

But whether people are upset about the current sick out, that opinion was split right down the middle.

“I’m sure officers will keep calling out, but as far as coverage for the city, I’m sure we’ll still be covered,” Larue Calliet said.

“It kinda bothers me because if they’re not here to protect us, who will?” Sam Thompson said.


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