Germantown police searching for lawn equipment thief

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A crook is cleaning up by taking advantage of people sprucing up their yards. Germantown police say he’s swiped thousands of dollars in lawn mowers and other equipment.

Landscapers are on almost every corner of Germantown each day, each one with thousands of dollars worth of equipment in tow. Tommy McDaniel  says it’s made him a target.

“Went to the backyard with a push mower, came back out, and they had taken everything off the trailer in a matter of four minutes,” he said.

In the past two weeks, Germantown police have heard from several gardeners working on lawns coming back to find the equipment gone. It even happened at a church.

“I’m using a lawnmower, he’s using the edger, and the first thought was he left it on the side of the church,” James Jones, a deacon, said.

The church had a high-tech eye in the sky, so they reviewed security camera images and found the culprit in a grey SUV, making the block a few times, pulling up next to the lawn equipment, and quickly loading it up while church members cut grass out of view.

“The pull up beside you, see if you have locks and if you don’t, they just grab and go,” McDaniel said.

The same SUV was described in another of the thefts, and police remembered it too, having pulled it over for speeding. They’re still trying to catch him, while his victims are trying to figure out how to bounce back.

“Churches don’t have that much funds for that kind of stuff,” Jones said.

Police have connected the driver to at least two of the thefts and are hoping someone out there can help catch him. If you know anything that could help put him behind bars, call Germantown CrimeStoppers at 757-2274.


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