DeSoto County Schools push online registration

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Spring Lamb and her daughter Rihannon are already out back-to-school shopping.

In fact, Rihannon is already registered for fourth grade at DeSoto Central. Her mom did all the work online.

”It’s convenient. It’s an easy step-by-step procedure.”

And that’s what DeSoto school leaders want every parent to know about their online registration process.

This is the third year for online registration, and this year, administrators are really pushing it.

”It saves the district time and money and it saves the parents time,” Melissa Green of DeSoto County Schools said.

Filling in a few blanks and scanning a few documents can save people a lot of time.

Parents can register their students at their school as they always have, but they’ll still be doing it online. Parents will only need a current utility bill or car registration for returning students.

New students only require a little more documentation. A new student will need birth certificate, immunization compliance 121, mortgage or lease documents, current utility bill or current car tag registration.

School leaders say online registration gives them more accurate numbers to prepare for, so they’re ready for students when school starts.

”Last week, it took me about eight minutes, so I’d encourage everybody else to do it, yes it’s much easier,” said Lamb.

Classes start in DeSoto County, August 7th.