Crooks steal ten guns from pawn shop during Fourth of July burglary

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CLARKSDALE, Miss. -- Police in Clarksdale are following several leads after ten guns were stolen from the EZ Pawn shop on North State Street.

It turns out crooks took advantage of Independence Day to liberate the guns and other merchandise. Police describe the stolen guns as long rifles, meaning they're rifles or shotguns.

EZ Pawn was open Monday morning, but no one would talk about the Fourth of July burglary.

Clarksdale police say ten rifles or shotguns were taken during the burglary, as well as five video game systems and an iPad.

Police tell News Channel 3 they're reviewing security camera video and following up on several leads.

News that so many guns were stolen on the Fourth of July was a shock to Eddie Sewell, the owner of Dixie Body Shop.

"Well, it's sad to have that many guns back out on the street in Clarksdale again. With all the crime and all the shootings we have, " said Sewell.

Dixie Body Shop is located on North State Street, less than a hundred yards away from EZ Pawn.

The body shop has been in Clarksdale for 25 years and without a break-in, Sewell said.

"Of course, we do mainly all body work and paint and nothing really important except our tools. But we've had no break ins or anything," said Sewell.

The  EZ Pawn burglary isn't the first large-scale gun heist in Clarksdale.

In April 2012, surveillance cameras got crystal clear video of almost a dozen juveniles breaking into  hunting supply store.

Over a four-hour period, they took their time and took what they wanted. Close to 50 rifles and shotguns were stolen.

Police were eventually able to arrest and charge all those responsible and recover most of the stolen guns.

Sewell hopes police will have the same results with the burglary at EZ Pawn and quickly get the stolen guns off the streets.

"Hope we can get them back into the right hands again," said Sewell.

If you have information that can help solve the Fourth of July burglary at EZ Pawn,  you're urged to call the Clarksdale Police at 662-621-8151 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.