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Commissioners vote to begin hearing process to determine Henri Brooks’ residency

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Shelby County commissioners voted to begin the hearing process to find out if Henri Brooks lives in her district.

Brooks attended Monday's County Commission meeting after a judge ruled last week the county attorney's investigation wasn't enough to kick her out.

Judge Kenny Armstrong told the county attorneys if the Brooks investigation continued, they needed to do it. But Monday, commissioners said they're sick of policing each other.

Commissioner Mike Ritz said, "I see no reason why the commission needs to take up its time anymore with this matter."

Brooks said she was surprised to hear that from her fellow commissioners.

"I thought that was one of the high moments when those commissioners actually reflected some objectivity and professionalism."

In June, commissioners had Brooks investigated for not living in her district. They never found out where she lived, and when Brooks appealed, a judge said the commission had to start over.

Ritz wanted to hand the whole thing over to the district attorney. Instead, they're going to hold an in-house hearing.

Other commissioners think Brooks should be fighting to prove she lives in her district, not dragging it out in court.

Commissioner Steve Basar said, "I would be pleading to the commission myself, saying, 'Hey everybody, here is where I live! Here's how I can prove where I live. Here is my mail.'"

After hours of back and fourth, the board voted to set a hearing for a later date in July so Brooks and her lawyers can present their side of the story. From there, the board will decide how it wants to move forward with this issue, keeping in mind Brooks' term ends on September 1.


  • DetlaEB

    Pre Kindergarten?? Is that for 4 year olds? I did not even go to Kindergarten. Didn’t even have that “back then”. Our parents and grandparents taught us numbers, Alphas and “sounds”. We all were prepared for First Grade. Save the money for something else.

    • Mecwinnie

      Please call and protest this. Luttrell and most of the commission is all gung ho, and want to give $3,000,000 in addition to approximately 12,000,000 SCS already gets from the lottery to fund 127 class rooms. Study after study has shown it is worthless. Make them show proof it is effective. They can’t.

  • Nick

    If Ms. Brooks and her lawyers were not ready to show proof of where she resides at this meeting it can only be due to the fact they are preparing to fight her perjury on her election paperwork for Juvenile Court. Waste of time is what this is. Give it to the State of Tennessee Attorney General. I say the state AG instead of the local AG so that something may come of this if and only if she did wrong.

    • Don

      Waste of time is what this is. Give it to the State of Tennessee Attorney General.
      That is the smartest thing I have heard so far. Good thinking. This would be the thing to do.
      It is certain this case can go on and on if it is kept local.
      The State of Tennessee need to do a lot of investigate in the Memphis City Hall. It’s time the taxpayers get a break from The corruption.

  • kevin

    blah, blah, blah … Y’all need to shut up already … all I read on these threads are people with these foolish suggestions about what should be done to this lady. Just a bunch of wishful thinking, which mean your suggestions don’t mean nothing. So please stop acting like you know whats going to happen or should happen to this person.

    • Terrie

      Kevin, why don’t YOU go away if you dont want to read theses posts? Seems you are the negative one here. Bye!

    • Common Sense

      Send Ms. Brooks a check for her campaign. Since she filed for bankruptcy, she needs all the help she can get. Who wants a Juvenile Court Clerk who cannot manage her own finances, not me. She will lose badly in August, Kevin so get the tissue ready.

    • Arthur

      “suggestions don’t mean nothing” Another proud graduate of the City of Memphis, School System. ” Know what im sayen?”.

    • luvbreamfishin'

      @kevin: Yeah,,that blah,,blah,,blah sounds exactly like your ignorant comments trying to defend brooks,,but then again you’re one of those blinded fool sheep that votes for this type of person. Typical example of you need to keep your opinions to yourself because you seem to make a fool of yourself very easily. (insert foot to mouth kevin)

  • Bytemeagain

    If Ms. Brooks has nothing to hide and indeed lives in the district that she represents as required by the bylaws of that position, then why not simply show documented, verifiable proof? I can prove where I live. The Shelby County Tax Accessor, MLGW, any bill mailed to my address, and Google Earth is proof of my residency.
    All of this subterfuge and delaying speaks more to her guilt than her innocence.
    That’s my opinion.

    • Common Sense

      She and Justin Ford do not live in their districts and when you call them out, they pull out the trusty race card. Pathetic.

  • Bill Zebub

    We should file a Class Action Lawsuit against the County Commission. They (Books/Ford/Mulroy) voted for Property Tax increases and were not eligilable to do so because they were Frauds. Therefore thier votes are null and void and the Property Tax increases should cease immediately and return to thier prior levels. Reimbusrsement of the collected taxes approved under false prestenses should be returned to the Home owners in a credit.

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