4 killed by naked gunman in Nashville Waffle House

County leaders and candidates deal with drama

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A judge agreed to hear the case that booted County Commissioner Henri Brooks for lying about where she lives.

Now similar questions are being raised about another commissioner, leading the county mayor to say enough with all the drama.

Of course, that doesn't include how the democrats' candidate for district attorney raised questions about his legitimacy because of questions he raised about his opponent's sexuality.


  • MikeBarret

    Enough with all the drama? Oh yeah who cares if elected officials are lying, no big deal? What kind of attitude is that from a mayor…

  • anonymous

    Hiring an alcoholic power-hungry entertainer is not the solution Memphis needs. The few people left in this city that actually vote and pay taxes are in dire need of representation. We deserve better than pimps and thugs that we’re forced to pay.

  • Get out the Vote

    As soon as Henri, Judge Joe, and Diedre Malone are elected this whole county will have what it needs and deserves. Crime will be non-existent, school grades will skyrocket, taxes will be cut, and property values will head to the moon. People across this country will be heading to Memphis in droves. It will be the new mecca of hope and change we all can believe in.

    • Lee

      And of course all of the fine accomplishments are happening under the present leadership? Give us a break and face the facts, time for a change. Of course some people resists change because it means doing something “new” to get results. But, you want to keep things as they are and always have been, right?

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