MPD reports 181 officer sick calls in the last week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong has responded to numerous questions about staffing levels at police stations.

Armstrong told us in a statement 181 officers have called in sick since June 30, 2014.

The police department did not put that number in perspective compared with the same time period in recent years.

The statement said in part, "Memphis Police Department is re-grouping the manpower in an effort to provide continuity to the citizens of Memphis."

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has agreed to assist with tonight’s operations on Beale Street as they have done in the past.

Police say public safety has not been compromised and all precincts are operating at, "adequate staffing levels."

"We will continue to monitor and evaluate staffing levels throughout the city and make adjustments as needed to ensure public safety."

The statement said Armstrong has briefed Mayor A C Wharton and he has authorized, "the use of any resources needed to include overtime to ensure that public safety will not be compromised."


  • TigreNoir

    “To Protect and to Serve” my Aunt Betty’s bloomers. The MPD is showing their true colors – money green. To leave Memphis unprotected is a violation of their oath. They are still getting paid while they cower at home like a child playng sick. If they can’t deal with they own problems like adults there are no guarantees that they will address the problems of our city. Let them stay at home. Send all the Blue home and hire more deputies.

    • Hunter

      Hire more deputies ? Oh so all your friends and cousins can be employed by the county is what you mean to accomplish ? I guess since they can’t sell those positions anymore favoritism is the next best thing ?

  • JJ

    I do not blame the MPG/MFD for doing this, blame the inept so called (whatever) city counsel, MEN/WOMEN/BLACK/WHITE have no idea how to manage a budget. The MPD/MFD are working for the city. I myself was a civil servant and retired. Memphis city government is nothing but black vs white and nothing else. It is a sham, I pray to GOD, MPD walks out. If memphis is gangster area now? just wait, no police? what do u think. memphis is always on a list of MOST DANGEROUS CITIES, ALWAYS. Ask kevin kline? is that his name, tourism idiot. His job is not in jeopardy? WOW who in the name of the Lord wants to visit a top 10 FBI dangerous city?????????????? How stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hard Truths

    People with talent and ambition in every family have been leaving Memphis the moment they could for the past ten generations.

    Exception: people in the medical field — where Memphis IS world-class.

    The rest of this town is a decaying backwater. Our unhappy cops are unlikely to be hired elsewhere, where standards are far higher.

  • Gonebabygone

    You guys aren’t winning any sympathy from citizens by taking out your frustrations with the oft-union endorsed politicians on us. If anything, this will make more of us want to move taking tax dollars with us. That will make a bad funding situation worse for you all.

  • James


    Newsflash……Police and Fire don’t care what the public thinks anymore. You have been taking advantage of them long enough and you must be reminded how much you need services. Like Willie said, You don’t like it, MOVE!!

  • James

    Hey J*****s, what is your fascination with prison? Have you been in prison and been raped? You are a complete idiot.

  • Mark Kelly

    Mayor and council need more money for Red Bird Stadium, River front development 67 million+, sears crosstown, Raleigh mall, etc. Tax payers on hook for debt but no money for responders…. They gave up schools!! Where’s all the money?? Wake Up People!! Big business running government. Government that should protect responders so they can protect you!! No Medicare and no disability and can’t qualify for Obamacare… Not worth the risk and many responders will leave cause they love their families. They are not ready to die for a city that leaves their family with no support.

  • Paul Fischer

    I have been saying this for several years, I earned my Masters degree last year and will be finishing up my nursing degree in less than two years. Once I graduate, I am gone with my drive, motivation and most importantly my tax dollars.

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