Is Henri Brooks using commission attention to fuel her next campaign?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. –There are only two months left in Henri Brooks’ term on County Commission, but she’s using it to bring attention to her other political campaign.

Brooks said, “One must have due process. And you all know this what I’ve been fighting for, for children.”

Chancellor Armstrong agreed with Brooks yesterday, and said the county attorney had no right to boot her off the board.

Brooks claims Armstrong’s ruling proves she was denied due process, the same problem she says kids face in the juvenile justice system.

She said, “Now that I can feel that I can move faster, I can move more aggressively and be even more committed in my fight for the children for juvenile court clerk.”

In the past two months, Brooks is accused of making racially insensitive comments, hinting another commissioner is part of the KKK, got charged with assaulting a woman, booted off the commission. Now on Monday she’ll return, all while she campaigns for one of the most important positions in Shelby County.

In the meantime, her fellow commissioners try to hammer out a final budget and tax rate for the fiscal year that already started.

On Monday, commissioners must decide if they should try to prove Brooks lives outside her district to force her out early, or move on to the business that must be done.


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