Judge: County Commission can’t boot Brooks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Judge Kenneth Armstrong says the County Commission can't remove Henri Brooks from her seat based on the county attorney's investigation.

After months of avoiding the media, and only communicating through written statements, Brooks broke her silence Thursday after the judge ruled she's still a commissioner.

"I was wondering when he was going to say that. Because I am," she said.

Armstrong said in court Thursday he would restrain the commission from filling Brooks' vacancy, because it still must determine whether or not she lives in her district.

"The county attorney will not give a termination of the district because she is not the appropriate finder to make that determination," he said.

Armstrong said no court would agree that the county attorney did enough to prove Brooks doesn't live in her district. The investigation said Brooks didn't live on Crump, but never said where she lives, and that's not enough.

He also said the commission needs to hold a hearing. The county charter doesn't lay out how to do this, because it's never happened in Shelby County before.

Brooks said, "Now I feel it. I feel the denial of due process rights."

Brooks' lawyers say it's kind of like changing the rules halfway through the game.

Michael Working said, "We are happy about today's outcome, but it's a long way from being over. Because there is no one who knows what's next. Not the county attorney, the chancellor, the commission and not any of the attorneys."

This whole thing started because Brooks wouldn't tell investigators where she lives, and Thursday she did alluded to the fact her living situation may be in flux when she said, "My constituents are what is important here. My constituents. And the work I have to do there. I can continue to work for them wherever I am."

The county attorneys had earlier argued Brooks wasn't removed from office; instead, the office was vacated when she left her district. In court Tuesday, County Attorney Ginny Bozeman said her investigation was by the book.

The next county commission meeting is set for Monday afternoon. And according to the judge, Brooks is again a voting member of the commission.

Commissioners tell us they hope the board appeals Judge Armstrong's decision.


    • 1midtownmike

      The Death Of Right And Wrong. Memphis is already morally bankrupt…..it will be financially bankrupt by December 2017. Laugh at me now, but it’s coming.

  • Rick Thomas

    Shelby County lost in court today, this “Judge” thinks its ok for somebody to lie over and over and then get a shot to get others to lie for her (about her residence) … thanks “Judge” for teaching all the children (and thugs) its ok to lie, its ok to cheat, and you will be rewarded for it. Henry Brooks is the perfect example of what Booker T Washington was talking about when he wrote ““There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” Henri Brooks is what divides Shelby County, her hate is on display for all to see, Our Children and our citizens deserve better, She should do the honorable thing and resign

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    Judge Armstrong, u cant be serious!!! how much more proof do u need brooks deliberately lied about her true residence in order to keep her place with the commissioners board! I think an investigation should be done on U on how U arrived at this ridiculous decision! I have my own Ideas and,otherwIse, thIs Is my story and Im stIckIn to It!!!… BROOKS HAS REAL DIRT ON THE WHARTONS!!!

  • canadianwhiskeygirl

    If I knew how to get up a petItIon to the governor for her removal, I would sure do It and wIpe off that shIteatInggrIn/ cat ate the canary on her face. I despIse lIars and thIeves and thats exactly what she Is!

  • JIm

    I hope this motivates people to vote for Joy Touliatos for Juvenile Court Clerk in August. Henri Brooks does not need to win this election. Get the vote out now.

  • GLR

    This is so wrong on so many levels. She should be watched 24/7 (Ford should be too) you can bet their moving in in the middle of the night so to get away with it!

  • Fred Kahren

    The commission has every right to know where she lives. She sits there and says i can do it for my constituents no matter where i live. THATS B S

  • CrazyCity

    Hahahahahahaha….Everybody wanted her gone so bad…While you all are mad, she’s somewhere celibrating.

  • Speak it!

    I’m confused…Was this hearing simply held to stall and keep her appointment because she is sure that she will win the juvenile court position? OR Was it held to make a point that the commission did not have the authority to remove her? AND Why is she not being forced to sign some affidavit to prove where she lives under penalty of perjury? Tennessee laws are confusing. The people should be able to remove her and others like her.

    I’m sick of these career politicians that are old (and I’m not young), stuck in their ways, name-calling and slandering their political rivals, and only interested in making a name for themselves (regardless of what racial or economic status they hail). Seriously, does anyone know how to legally remove them with a petition and/or an emergency vote.

      • rcwriter

        It’s not the governor’s office, it’s the state election commission and state board of ethics.

    • rcwriter

      Every time a person files to run for public office, they have to sign some sort of affidavit of residency. I’m not sure if is has to be notarized, but either way, when she filed to run for her position in that district she swore that is where she lived with the knowledge that if she moved out of that district, she would resign her seat. It’s run the same way all over the nation.

  • DetlaEB

    Ask Judge Joe Brown or Judge Judy for their opinion.. On second thought, I’d pass on Judge Judy, haha….One, male or female, could be singing tenor when she got through with them.

    • canadianwhiskeygirl

      brown the clown would be bIased for reasons I dont need to state. I wIsh wreg hadnt changed the format. for those of u used to my retarded ph u know my,I looks lIke a sm l

  • james

    i am not surprise the judge is black shes black no brainier, bet hes a grad of le moyne owen.

  • Tom maher

    She is the one that hindered the investigation. Here is the great question she can answer – what is on her drivers license. By state law she has 10 days to update her license with the DMV when she moved. Therefore as a “representative” she must adhere to that law as well. We all know she drives and ha a license therefore her MVR should reflect her correct and legal address. Local records don’t prove she lives is the district she represents and therefore where is the proof? They have records that reflect Cordova and witnessed that live in the areas that have not seen her occupy the residence she claims to be hers so again Ms. Brooks, as a paid representative you actually do owe it to the people an commision the proof that you actually meet the legal definition of residency for your seat. All commissioners should do this. There is a concept being a true representative of the community you represent.

  • goofyduck

    They must be family. Sister-in- law or some kind of relative to the judge. Way to go henri booked. Next time she might be driving drunk just to celebrate.

  • Shoxzy

    Give me a large personal break!!!! Isn’t the burden of proof on her? Where’s the MLGW bill that proves she lives in the district? Where’s the mail? Credit card bills? Phone bills? How about mortgage papers or a rent agreement?

  • Sally Smith

    I think she is racist trash that keeps Memphis looking stupid, backward and like all we think about in this town is RACE. She may get away with this and all of the other idiotic stuff she does, but I bet does not sleep well at night. Anyone with that much pent-up racist hatred could not possibly be a happy person. I think we will all agree that she is stupid.

  • Joe

    This is deeply saddening for me personally.. How can there ever be racial reconciliation when this administration allows comments and actions that we’ve seen from this person.. :(

  • impulse item

    Henri is filled with self loathing. She hates being black so, she wears wigs and make to hide her true self from herself and others. She appears to be a racist but that is a lie that she tells herself to cover the hate that she has for the black race. She lives in fantasy world where she is better, smarter and prettier than other blacks. Especailly those blacker and poorer than she. She needs counseling.

  • Phat Boy

    Is this any kind of surprise to anyone? Expect the same result when it comes to to that Ford dude too. There is a certain element that came into power and have gotten entrenched in he system. They aren’t going anywhere either. They will hold on for dear life for these positions, kind of like ticks on a fat dog. If this city falls into ruin. so what, as long as they can say they were in charge when it. There is really nothing to get upset about. Just move away for the time being and let nature run it’s course. After Memphis turns into a little Detroit in a few years, and the land is worth next to nothing, comeback in mass to buy the property at dirt cheap prices. Everyone wins here.

  • Rececca Harris

    When we see not one but two commissioners lie to the public, openly break the law and now we see a Judge become involved in the cover-up, we have all the “proof” needed. Memphis is dangerously close to becoming the next Detroit. I sincerely wish I could encourage Memphians to get out and vote these low life politicians out of office but that cannot happen. Not anymore. The balance of power has shifted and the larger number of voters (dead or alive) determine the fate of us all. Memphians have shown me time and again that they prefer a very specific race, criminal or racist, over law abiding and unbiased. I moved to Memphis thirty years ago. Memphis was a great place to live. Now gangs have taken over the streets and racist rule our government. I pay 9.25% sales tax and $3,000.00 annually in property tax. What will happen when the tax payer has had enough and deserts this madness? Who will pay the bills? Perhaps they will elect Henri Brooks to deliver the bad news all the “constituents”. I would buy a ticket to see that.

  • TrailerPark Dweller

    it some really really really pissed off white folks running around here now … it doesn’t make any different what she did. Their main goal is the get rid of as many black official as possible. It’s not going to work like that. Also, the majority of negative comments on this board come from Mississippians and thoses Arkansas inbreeds and they really don’t have nothing to do with or know nothing about what’s going on in Memphis.

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