Scammer sells rental car on Craigslist

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GREENVILLE, Miss. -- A warning to anyone buying a car on Craigslist: make sure the car you're buying isn't stolen.

A young man learned that lesson the hard - and expensive - way.

He paid for a 2014 Toyota Camry and thought he was getting a good deal.

Turns out, it wasn't a deal at all. He lost $13,000.

"I've worked two jobs for the last summer trying to get this and now that I've got it, it just got all taken away," Brent Dillon said.

He found out just because you pay for something, doesn't mean you own it.

Dillon found the car on Craigslist and met the so-called owner at Southland Mall.

After he handed over the money and got the car and title, he later learned the title was fake.

"They tell me it has a falsified title and it's a falsified VIN," he said.

A check by the sheriff in Greenville, Miss., showed the car wasn't owned by Thomas Haliburton, but by Enterprise.

"They stole my son's money," Dillon's father, Jeff Hester, said. "They sold him a car that didn't belong to them."

The father and son say now Enterprise has its car back, it doesn't seem interested in anything else, even though the crooks are on the run.

"I want Enterprise to get more involved. They're not wanting to get involved in it at all. They're wanting to keep their name out of it as much as possible, and I want them to do their part."

An Enterprise spokesperson said it's a police matter and wouldn't comment further.

But Dillon's father had plenty to say about buying stuff off Craigslist in the future.

"We'll be a lot smarter the next time we buy something. We'll take pictures of them, photos of their IDs. Maybe even take a fingerprint, I don't know, just try to do something better next time."


  • dada

    Sorry for loss. Having said that the magic word popped up Southland Mall!!! you should have done your homework! If I was Enterprise I’d blow you off to. Valuable lesson you and your son learned though.

  • Garrett Pollan

    This is ridiculous that nothing will be done to the crooks and the honest hard working guy is the one that gets punished!!! I to was scammed the same way several months ago and yes enterprise knows about it so their representative that said he was not aware of it was a lie! He is probably the inside person and connection that is helping them. I want to talk to mr Dillion and mr Hester. I feel your pain at a more expensive level than $13K

    • Dr. JohnS

      You can feel his pain all you want, but any one with intelligence should have known you cannot by 2014 Toyota Camry for $13,000.00. He simply was not thinking and truthfully gets what he deserved.

  • hank wesson

    all the names sound familiar i believe i know all these people sorry for your loss this is why o dont buy nothing off the internet just be carful

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    But Dillon’s father had plenty to say about buying stuff off Craigslist in the future.
    “We’ll be a lot smarter the next time we buy something. We’ll take pictures of them, photos of their IDs. Maybe even take a fingerprint, I don’t know, just try to do something better next time.”
    His father sounds like he’s a real winner himself. “Maybe we’ll get a fingerprint next time”… how about you don’t give $13k to someone you met off Craigslist.

  • Terrie

    Ok, see. This is the problem with the idiots that DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED! You all say “that’s tuff” until It’s YOU that gets ripped off by mere idiots that get away with it because YOU DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED!!
    Do your part & get involved. Someone has phone numbers, pictures, cameras something so get involved already!!

  • Christine

    Please tell this young man to get in touch with the FTC to file a complaint against Enterprise. Also get in touch with the Secret Service here in Memphis. The Secret Service will get involved because of the financial nature of the crime. The reason that I know this because this happened to someone in my family. When the Secret Service get involved in this case, Enterprise Rental will have turn over all of the information concerning this car. I bet they will find out that this is not the first time that this has happened with a enterprise car. Also before you buy a car you should get in touch with your local police department. What he should of done was ask the seller to meet him at the police department so they could have run the VIN number. If the person refuse to do so then you know that this is shady

  • Christine

    PLEASE PEOPLE GET in touch with the FTC when you are a victim of fraud. They will inform you of every thing you need to do. Also Craig List needs to be shut down because they are breeding ground for criminals. There hands are not clean in these matters. What they need to do is make sure that all sells are legit. They need to invest in software where they can do background checks on individuals that are selling high end items.

  • JustMe

    Well, since the vehicle was sold by an individual, and not a company, the FTC can do nothing whatsoever. Also, the Secret Service really can’t do anything either. Just because a crime is financial in nature does not mean it falls under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service. either. Possibly since the title was faked, it might possibly allow the Secret Service to get invloved, but otherwise they really can’t.
    Now, You are saying that a legitimate service needs to be shut down due to teh actions of a third party? That is insane thinking. That is like saying that Walmart needs to be shut down because people go in there and shoplift.

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