Man charged with ramming woman’s head into toilet so hard it broke

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man is in jail, accused of slamming a woman's head into a toilet so hard it broke.

Sanford Swayzer is charged with aggravated burglary and domestic assault.

The victim, Meidra Matthews, had two black eyes and a cut on her head when she talked to WREG. She told us this is far from the first time Swayzer has gotten violent with her.

"He rammed my head through the toilet bowl," she said. "There's blood all through my house."

Matthews has partially healed bruises and cuts cover much of her body. She said all were left by her boyfriend, Swayzer.

Matthews said she, Swayzer and friends were at her house in the 500 block of Belt Line near the fairgrounds Tuesday. After everyone left, she said Swayzer came back.

"Later on that night...I don't know what ticked him off, but whatever ticked him off, he came through the window. I was in the room watching TV," she said. "He came through the window and started putting his hands on me."

A police report shows Swayzer punched and kicked Matthews, chased her to the bathroom, and only stopped hitting her head on the toilet when she promised to "clean up."

A neighbor told WREG she has seen Swayzer beat Matthews before and has tried to help.

"She asked me to help her, and that's what I did, because I'm a woman. I went through domestic violence, and I don't like that."

The neighbor said she is thankful Swayzer is behind bars, but thinks changes have to be made before women are really safe in Memphis.

"There are a lot of men who get off scot-free when they beat a woman," she said. "The woman goes to jail too, and that's not fair. She got beat up bad and has to go to jail too, because she was trying to defend herself and get him off of her. What are we supposed to do? Just let them beat us to death?"

Swayzer has a bond set at $30,000. He is supposed to be in court on Tuesday.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, there is help available.

The Family Safety Center, located at 1750 Madison Ave., provides counseling and other programs to help escape dangerous situations.

You can also call the YWCA's 24-hour domestic abuse hotline at 901-725-4277.


  • Hard Truths

    CURE: Several years in prison figure out that Domestic Violence is a SERIOUS crime.

    Memphis animals need to be tamed, by any means necessary. This is one violent town, and some of the worst violence is domestic violence.

    We are not talking about slapping or shoving — which is a crime, too — even if the woman is the perpetrator..

    This was a murderous attack by a depraved thug who needs to feel the FULL weight of the law come down on his sorry head..

  • Lorenzo Taylor

    This is a shame. Just reading this you would think that this man is a cold hearted thug. Not the case. This woman is a drunk that will pick a fight with a brick wall. This man works hard, only to be slapped, stabbed, spit on, and called all kind of names. Her black eye was a result of fighting someone else. This girl has one man in jail and another one paying to stay out of jail. Two weeks earlier she tried to attack an older man with a golf club. She has had all of her children taken away because of her actions. This man hasn’t been with this woman for about six weeks and has ruined his life. She even said in front of police that once she’s with a man, he’s going to be crazy. She can’t even put the beer down long enough to do an interview.

  • Joe

    Is this woman, Meidra, not pursuing a restraining order against this mutt? If not, she is to blame for tolerating his control-fetish nonsense.

    • Lorenzo Taylor

      Well she better get one from the entire community, because that is who she picks fights with. She even cursed my 5 year old grandchild and called her names that females should not be called. I could have been in jail myself, but I can’t let my grandchild see that behavior in me. I don’t at all condone hitting a women, but there’s a breaking point.

  • Babygirl

    This thing got everyone thinking that Sandford is a woman beater which is not. He is a really good person. I never been beaten by him.He was my best friend and a good man to me. We was together for 4 years. Everyone in the Beltline no about this thing. She will seen every man or woman to jail. She is a trouble maker.When she get drunk she trys to fight everyone around her. She is a beltline hoe. I told him to get away from her. But he didn’t .So I’m praying for him.

  • hank wesson

    let this punk fight a real man the same weight class of that dont work let bubba and them get this fool i have never hit a woman and i know now that i never will my woman is beautiful and i want her to keep looking that way you hit a woman you a punk m@#fk

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